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Necrotizing Fasciitis

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(Necrotising fasciitis)
Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh-eating disease or Flesh-eating bacteria syndrome, is a Rare dise...
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1,824 conversations around the web about Necrotizing Fasciitis to help you make a decision
1,824 conversations around the web about Necrotizing Fasciitis to help you make a decision
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Heroin & Necrotizing Fasciitis

We found 16 discussions
" ...ones decided to try heroin. (she said she had ...this before.) She got an infection in her arm, very likely suppurative thrombophlebitis and or necrotizing fasciitis. Waited 48 hours,(embarrasse... "

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" ...IMHO, the worst thing about heroin is the risk of necrotizing fasciitis. What a devastating tragedy that... "

" ...Impurities in heroin may give a slight ...botulism infected gear and also necrotising fasciitis through injection but this is caused by storing heroin underground not the heroin itself.... "

" the word you're looking for Kailey is: necrotizing fasciitis. agreed, black tar is nasty, nasty stuff! have been ...on purification of black tar heroin. if one must inject, a... "

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" ...requiring weeks of wound vac therapy and IV abx; Necrotizing fasciitis etc.. Now anabolics are a far cry from skin popping heroin, but a microbe does not differentiate. an unsterile enviornment... "

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" ...well. I started using Heroin in 1969 in the the fleshing eating disease Necrotizing Fasciitis from using Black Tar Heroin. I spent a year in ...didn't get a scratch but Heroin took my ... "

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" ...and I forgot, 2 weeks in a coma and necrotizing fasciitis/gangrene in my leg from an IM shot gone wrong, release date a minor heroin OD, the morning after which... "

" ...or I.M. black tar heroin. It is notoriously dirty ...can & will cause abscesses, necrotizing fasciitis and who knows what else. ...air would enter vein before heroin. In retrospect, snorting,... "

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" ...tar Heroin is one of the worst forms of illicit Heroin. The only one worse sounds like Kompot/Polish Heroin (which usually carries leftover ...BE TIED TO BAD HEROIN HAYWARD, - Five Alameda... "

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" I have some necrotizing fasciitis on my right arm, which ...short 6 months of doing heroin and it has left a ...and might learn something from the dangers of shitty heroin and shitty shooting! ... "

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