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Herniated Disc

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(Intervertebral disc protrusion)
spinal disc herniation (prolapsus disci intervertebralis), informally and misleadingly called a "slipped disc", is a medical...
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Common Herniated Disc treatments discussed around the web
Vicodin 1,631 Percocet 1,333 Ibuprofen 1,309
125,697 conversations around the web about Herniated Disc to help you make a decision
125,697 conversations around the web about Herniated Disc to help you make a decision
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Herniated Disc & Wheelchair

We found 576 discussions
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" ...much toast. My mother has 4 herniated discs in her back, she also broke her back 18 years ago. She has some even walk. She is wheelchair bound soon. Some one ruined... "

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" ...question. But I do have a numb calf and foot. And ...I have to use a wheelchair. I went to a neurologist, they found some bulging disks but do not believe that... "

" ...has a slipped disk in his back, has minimal feeling in his feet and legs needs a stick to walk on the 1 day a month he's not in a wheelchair because he can't move his legs. He's on diazepam/morphin... "

" ...understand what you mean about back pain I have a slipped disc in lower back and osteoarthritus so I am telling ...with a stick normally but I also have a wheelchair for after my op think I will... "

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" ...those who have and havnt surgery. My husband has 2 herniated discs his L4 and 5, because he is in the wheelchair already and we were really scared he may lose... "

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" Hiya, I have had lots of sacroiliac joint problems too, ended up in a wheelchair whilst pregnant, then hurt it at work and ended up with two bulging discs. Some days I move like... "

Post from
" ...talking to my good friend Lucy*. Could leave him wheelchair bound or worse given the way his 2 herniated discs are yanking on his nerves or something of the... "

" ...up to. Good luck with your back. I've had a herniated disc for 30 years. I'm just starting to think that I might avatar is not a wheelchair (it's been called that before).... "

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" ...neuro who did an mri, said it was a herniated disk with cord compressio n thats why i had lt. ...then went thru a divorce then i needed a wheelchair. then i lost my speech, so they said it was a... "

" ...being double jointed caused a herniated disk that pressed on a nerve. ...about fibro, but I've had random pains for a long time) ...put me back in a wheelchair some day and it'll be... "

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