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Herniated Disc

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(Intervertebral disc protrusion)
spinal disc herniation (prolapsus disci intervertebralis), informally and misleadingly called a "slipped disc", is a medical...
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Common Herniated Disc treatments discussed around the web
Vicodin 1,643 Percocet 1,356 Ibuprofen 1,329
127,051 conversations around the web about Herniated Disc to help you make a decision
127,051 conversations around the web about Herniated Disc to help you make a decision
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Herniated Disc & Peripheral Neuropathy

0.64% of the posts that mention Peripheral Neuropathy also mention Herniated Disc (198 posts)
Peripheral Neuropathy
Herniated Disc
We found 198 discussions
" ...controlled, mild, and yet have a case of screaming diabetic neuropathy. Affecting the legs and ...issues, but am assured the peripheral neuropathy is from diabetes, not the bulging discs at C4-5... "

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" ...peripheral neuropathy Living in Waterford, ...good acupunturist for treating peripheral neuropathy. Which came on from two bulging discs and a very narrow ...I now have numbness, weakness, bu... "

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" ...problems in lumbar spine like disc herniation and prolapse. But since your ...can be B12 deficiency causing peripheral neuropathy , electrolyte insufficiency, and stroke... "

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" ...SO nervous about these symptoms. I'm hoping it could be peripheral neuropathy or maybe something with my spine related to posture such as a herniated disk or something.... "

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" ...simple terms, the surgery for bulging disks consists of opening up your ...rates. I was told that the results represented Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy. Are you saying that this abnormal EMG ... "

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" ...issues such as disc herniation may be present, ...back pain as well. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by diabetes, or something as simple as vitamin B-12 deficiency. Your primary heal... "

" a spread of systemic peripheral neuropathy to me; it sounds like something additional, such as a sudden disc herniation or foraminal narrowing due to the mechanical forces. In... "

" ...for a severely herniated disc L5-S1. The pain is mostly gone 95%, but I am still very numb and have ...I had a Peripheral Neuropathy, but turned out ...usual to have a radiculopathy AFTER hav... "

" I have numbness and tingling in the ...this is related to the peripheral neuropathy in my legs caused by ...vertebrae slipped over S1 and bulging discs and degenerative disc disease. Just... "

" ...related to a bulging or herniated disc pressing on the nerve root. If it is much more generalized, something like peripheral neuropathy should be considered, which is why the Dr suggested... "

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