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Herniated Disc

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(Intervertebral disc protrusion)
spinal disc herniation (prolapsus disci intervertebralis), informally and misleadingly called a "slipped disc", is a medical...
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Common Herniated Disc treatments discussed around the web
Vicodin 1,645 Percocet 1,356 Ibuprofen 1,329
127,082 conversations around the web about Herniated Disc to help you make a decision
127,082 conversations around the web about Herniated Disc to help you make a decision
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Herniated Disc & Homeopathic Remedies

We found 13 discussions
" ...want more informaton on the homeopathic remedies and why he thinks it the drug makers. My wife spend overnight in the hospital with a a bulging disc. She could not move and... "

" pregnant. I really want to discontinue the Lortab 10 I have been on for 3 months for my lumbar bulging disc. I know I'm going to try some more homeopathic remedies such as accupunctur... "

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" with a herniated disc C5-C6. The pinched ...continue the current remedy based on the diagnosis of a herniated disc? 2) Does glucosamine interfere with homeopathic remedies? 3) Does ultrasou... "

Post from
" What Homeopathic Remedies should I take? Hello doctor, to try some some homeopathic remedies but I'm not sure what my neck, herniated and bulging discs that press on some nerves... "

Post from
" ...I continue the current remedy based on the diagnosis of a herniated disc? Please follow the revised ...Does glucosamine interfere with homeopathic remedies? No. 3) Does ultrasound... "

Post from
" bulging discs - ABC Homeopathy Forum Hi ...MRI the doctor spotted 2 bulging discs, one in the lower back ...get out of bed. Can homeopathic remedies help please? If so, what... "

Post from
" ...hind leg from a slipped disc from an old injury ...playing with. Treated it with homeopathic remedies for paralysis (specific even to over tired that he at one time was paralyzed in th... "

Post from
" Prolapsed Vertebral Disc (Slipped Disc) I found the below post ...cartilage can be repaired using homeopathic remedies. Is there any such remedies ...In Allopathy, we have pain killers but they... "

" ...but because I have herniated discs in my neck and ...but I am feeling a bit frustrated, perhaps because I ...back approach. Is there any homeopathic remedies that are effective for spasming... "

" ...pls explain how homeopathic remedies work on disc... "

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