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hernia is the protrusion of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. A hiatal hern...
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228,811 conversations around the web about Hernia to help you make a decision
228,811 conversations around the web about Hernia to help you make a decision
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Hernia & Schmorl's Nodes

6.03% of the posts that mention Schmorl's Nodes also mention Hernia (22 posts)
Schmorl's Nodes
We found 22 discussions
" ...the endplates - they are consistent with Schmorl's nodes.... up and down herniation? Never heard of... "

" ...MRI that states I have small Schmorl's nodes at the endplates of L2-3. ...dictionary it states it is Schmorl's disease then states herniation of the nucleus pulposus. Now what is... "

" Pathology is right! Herniation at L51-S1, desiccation at L4-5, Schmorl's nodes and degenerative arthritis. Thankfully I don't have any nerve... "

" ...just know that because my herniation is t11-12. my first doc ...a lot. Anyway, I am on topamax for the burning pain, ...I have what are called schmorl's nodes running through most of my... "

" ...HCM According to the reports schmorl's nodes and ligament calcification are age ...all.This doesn't require any treatment. Schmorl's nodes are due to herniation of inter vertebral disc into... "

" ...broad based disk herniation L2-3 Herniation, involving L4 nerve root L4-5 herniation, ivolving L1 nerve root L5-S1 ...disk bulge with small herniation Schmorl's Nodes L1-2,L2-3,and L3-4... "

" ...painful if progresses too far. 2) No herniation or root nerve displacement basically ...that branch from the spinal cord. 3) Schmorl's nodes IS a herniation of the disc, but vertically... "

" ...CAN I DO AVOID DAILY PAIN,THE REPORTS ARE 1.tiny schmorl's nodes at d12 to l13 end plates 2.coronal SI screening ...lumbar discs. No significant posterior herniation of... "

" ...the age of 15, 1.tiny schmorl's nodes at d12 to l13 end ...disc degeneration changes in lumbar discs. No significant posterior herniation of disc. whether these problems are serious or noramal... "

" related to the Schmorl's nodes ... Limbus Vertebrae by ...from an intrabody herniation of disc material. ...procedures. The anterior intraosseous herniation of the nucle... "

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