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hernia is the protrusion of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. A hiatal hern...
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228,668 conversations around the web about Hernia to help you make a decision
228,668 conversations around the web about Hernia to help you make a decision
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Hernia & Reflexology

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" ...he would be full of life and intrigued at the whole concept of REFLEXOLOGY,He also has unbilical hernia and corresponding spinal area is tender but not as was at first... "

" ...was at its worst. i had a prolapse and subsequent herniation at L5/S1 with on-off pain unbelievable number of painkillers, reiki, reflexology and hanging upside down in... "

" ...ask when I did my reflexology training was whether the person ...can be attributed to a hernia she has that her GP ...I'm not sure she'd have mentioned the hernia as she has had years of bein... "

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" ...weakened muscle that caused the hernia, I'm positvie that PEing will ...want and indirectly heal my hernia. Mantak Chia in one of his books talks about penis reflexology and I believe jelquing g... "

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" ...days ago with Jin. He's \"Applied Clinical Nutrition\" / \"Applied Reflexology Trophology\" I have his card here - Oh My ...(a different time) was that he got David's hernia under control .... "

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" ...and the fact he had to compete with a huge hernia as he grow in my ...these days. So i have decided to try Cranial osteopathy and he is booked ...i have also heard that reflexology is good f... "

" ...back) traction for disc problems (herniation and/or degeneration) 3 Registered Massage Therapists Reflexology / Therapeutic Touch Exercise Rehabilitation... "

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" I have mentioned Reflexology, stretching and range of motion ...recliner to provide better support for my neck (Seven herniation's and two fracture cervical vertebra's). With my range of... "

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" ...neck or an orthopedic pillow? Reflexology on your hands and arms ...herniated disks in my thoracic area and four lumbar herniation's. Since 1983. I was told that there was too... "

" ...didn't have to. When a herniation doesn't heal it can possibly ...years I've tried everything, traction, accupuncture,reflexology,water walking,Tai Chi, accupressure,biofeedback and much... "

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