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hernia is the protrusion of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. A hiatal hern...
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228,402 conversations around the web about Hernia to help you make a decision
228,402 conversations around the web about Hernia to help you make a decision
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Hernia & Kidney Stones

0.49% of the posts that mention Kidney Stones also mention Hernia (750 posts)
Kidney Stones
We found 750 discussions
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" ...My wife had a CT scan to treat kidney stones. Weeks later we are now reading a copy of ...had no idea she had a hernia. Is that normal and what ...didn't know she had a hernia and is in no ... "

" ...said the good doctor's advice in response to my getting a hernia and a kidney stone and feeling fatigued for months was to increase my Magnesium.... "

Post from
" ...trip to WDW!!! After getting my kidney stones and hernia taken care of I need a... "

" ...RNY, i did have hernia surgery 6 months later, had kidney stones, BUT, only once because i was taking the wrong calcium, i take citrate... "

" You're welcome! I agree, I felt the hernia and I felt the kidney stones and knew something was wrong..but not with HELLP, I went to the doctor and SHE could tell something was \"off\" (thank... "

" ...have a question about stomach pains. One friend of diagnosed with hernia, and he had ...stomach pain. When I was sure it was hernia, his doctor diagnosed him with kidney stones. Is that... "

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" Kidney stone I had hernia surgery about six years ago ...urine. I started to have back pain on my left side ...They told me I have a small kidney stone. Prior to all this, I... "

" ...has just been diagnosed with a hernia. Can anyone tell operation? She also has a kidney stone. Has anyone else suf... "

" things go sometimes. I am looking at hernia surgery soon but I know ...the whole sounds you got through he kidney stone with min trauma. and good... "

" ...just curious - I had a kidney stone about 4-5 years ago that ...(like a laser beam, non-intrusive). I have also had a hernia surgery as a little kid and I was wondering... "

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