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Herbal Supplement + Hysterectomy

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Ask a question
59 conversations around the web about Herbal Supplement + Hysterectomy to help you make a decision
59 conversations around the web about Herbal Supplement + Hysterectomy to help you make a decision
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Herbal Supplement & Hysterectomy

We found 59 discussions
" ...hysterectomy ? Also , any herbal supplement/alternative medicine info would be much appreciated . I just started taking 5-HTP for mood and IT WORKS ! I also take Lyrica for the fibro and it... "

" Yes, hot flashes can show up any time after the hysterectomy. You can try Estroven herbal supplement to see if it helps take the edge off. You need to give it at least 4 weeks to see if... "

" ...two issues I'm dealing with now is hot flashes and night ...been taking a natural/herbal supplement, which worked before the hysterectomy, but it's not ...issue is I seem to be losing more ha... "

" ...stable for years prior to hysterectomy as well. I had endometrial cancer as well with surgery ...problems. If there is an herbal supplement without soy, I would be... "

" I have been having problems with vaginal dryness for about a year. ...I did have a partial hysterectomy but did not have any me. Is there any herbal supplement or anything that can bring... "

" ...days in bed with a heating pad, horrible migraines, intense pain. I have started taking zija (an herbal supplement), fish oil, vitamins a&d. I am trying to avoid a hysterectomy if at all... "

" ...My Sisters, I had my hysterectomy in July 2008. Apparently they cut me while they were shaving me in ...handle the hot flashes. I was told about a herbal supplement \"Lydia Pinkham with Balc... "

" herbal supplement used a lot ...made from Black Cohosh extract. It pretty much took away my hot flashes & night sweats. It's good for mood swings & helps you sleep ...I had my hysterectomy... "

" ...anxiety especially when you are coping with a new job so perhaps a herbal supplement might help. Have you had a hysterectomy, as evorel 50 is oestrogen only I think. The reason I ask is... "

" Ok hysterectomy is over. I have no sex drive...anyone recommend herbal supplement for women..My husband has a high sex drive...I know it's been 4 weeks and my doctor says I am ready to... "

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