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Hep C

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(Hepatitis C)
Hepatitis C is an infectious disease primarily affecting the liver, caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The infection is often asym...
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Common Hep C treatments discussed around the web
Ribavirin 3,597 Pegasys 1,364 Sovaldi 1,146
122,435 conversations around the web about Hep C to help you make a decision
122,435 conversations around the web about Hep C to help you make a decision
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Hep C & Lysine

We found 30 discussions
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" ...Have you ever used Lysine? It's an Amino Acid. ...recipe for good health. Amino Acids treatment for HEP-C, HERPIES, PAPALOMAS & EBSTINE BAR ...I was diagnosed with Hep-C. but? I don't hav... "

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" in cont. post titled:Hep c Virus and human ...most likely to clear acute hep c were homozygous for ...1 under Position80 they list Lysine(K) ..can someone examine,explain,extrapolate t... "

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" better. I don't think lysine does much of anything for ...Candycane, I totally remember your HIV scare. Fingers crossed that ...a friend of mine has Hep C -- and seems totally healthy.... "

" ...anyone know if using Lysine could possibly make things worse for some people? Since starting Lysine my o/b free days one started. Before Lysine I at least managed for HIV, Hep C ... "

" ...I also have inactive Hep C that I've had for 40 years. I fear that because of that, my body may want an astronomical amount of C. And all the extras . . . K2, D3, Co-Q 10, A, lysine, proline . .... "

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" ...pint a day to get rid of hep C and that would be ...back pain because I've had all three and the pain would lessen when I took anti-viral herbs and lysine. But man oh man, this... "

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" ...collagen synthesis resulting from diminished hydroxylation of proline and lysine. A spectrum of cutaneous disease can be associated with hepatitis C, especially leukocytoclastic vasculitis due t... "

" ...does not like; aspirin and lysine.. He also recommends a protocal of lysine and aspirin for 4 ...and for 4 days will eliminate hepatitis c. I recall he recommends 4000 mgs of lysine per day.. Ju... "

" ...attractive \"Many people take this for Hepatitis C and all forms of ...\" At $99.30 a bottle, it's expensive Herpanacine is mainly lysine, (see the panel to the... "

" ...Vitamin C, Copper and Zinc Supplementation. Anything that improves mucus membrane potential and ...of patients with viral infections (Hepatitis C being a big one, ...unknown virus. If so Lysi... "

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