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Hemorrhoids (US English) or haemorrhoids , are Sinusoid (blood vessel) structures in the anal canal which help with stool contro...
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Preparation H 1,631 Anusol 518 Hemorrhoidal 237
90,267 conversations around the web about Hemorrhoids to help you make a decision
90,267 conversations around the web about Hemorrhoids to help you make a decision
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Hemorrhoids & Thyroid Problem

0.05% of the posts that mention Hemorrhoids also mention Thyroid Problem (48 posts)
Thyroid Problem
We found 48 discussions
" ...& thyroid problems I'm a 24 year old female with a hypoactive thyroid. I'm on medication (Synthroid) and everything is under control. I've been having trouble with hemorrhoids and bought... "

" ...was hemroids. Then she started having a thyroid issue that they had to treat elsewhere. Well the other hospital ended up figureing out that her hemroid problem was actually colon cancer and that... "

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" I am 17 with hemroids. And now when I go ...hard to pass because of constipation due to my thyroid disease. I just want to get some help. Also I ...think this is from my hemroids. Thanks,... "

" ...and say: \"Hi - how's your hemmoroids?\", or \"Hi - how's your ...these days?\", \"What's up with your thyroid problems?\", \"Hey there, how's that cancer... "

" ...TSH. Pregnancy#3--Same scenario as #2. My oldest is hypoT. and probably has been since birth. He had constipation and hemorrhoids at 2 months old. No surprise but no one bothered to run any... "

" ...don''t know what to do to get it to stop. I do have a history of hemmoroid problems and thyroid problems. One thing that I did to stop it was not wear underwear. IT... "

" ...pads are not just for hemroids. The nurse working with me ...come to find out I was hyper thyroid and almost 30% of woman after pregnancy have a thyroid problem. Most of the time it... "

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" diet is probably the culprit since I had hemorrhoids before I was ever pg and my diet growing ...broccoli - full list is here) due to a thyroid condition. It's okay for me to have a side dish... "

" ...embarrassing subject! I have hemorrhoids! The joys of thyroid problems and having kids. Im and feeling crap from hormonal imbalances let alone ...that I have this painful, horribl... "

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" ...happen to a woman. My hemorrhoids were the first prolapse clue. ...years. My 40 hour labor, c-section, and then undiagnosed thyroid issue and resulting weight gain definitely contributed. I'm ... "

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