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Hemorrhoids (US English) or haemorrhoids , are Sinusoid (blood vessel) structures in the anal canal which help with stool contro...
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Common Hemorrhoids treatments discussed around the web
Preparation H 1,629 Anusol 518 Hemorrhoidal 235
90,123 conversations around the web about Hemorrhoids to help you make a decision
90,123 conversations around the web about Hemorrhoids to help you make a decision
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Hemorrhoids & Rash

0.59% of the posts that mention Hemorrhoids also mention Rash (529 posts)
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We found 529 discussions
" ...I notice my baby had a rash so i was putting some desitin on his bottom and i felt a bump under his skin just over where his butt... "

" ...applications just about. called: Triamcinolone Acetonide cream, USP (.1%) also is awesome for hemmoroids and I just recently found out it prevents bikini rash from shaving....a problem I fig... "

" ...and told my sphinster muscle was weak and that may be causing my problem. I go back in October to discuss surgury. I am trying to tighten the muscle but the bleeding everyday and having a dowel d... "

" ...hemorroids, should I not be ...pain. I also have some sort of a rash too that is really driving me crazy. What else can i do to get rid of... "

" ...itchy with rashes. Treatment? Hi....I have chronic hemorrhoids and now a ...for chronic arthritis pain....have had chronic buttock rash...comes on when hemorrhoids on butt is hard... "

" I had a rash and hemroids! Lol preparation h helps some and as pp ...the area for the rash I did just that!... "

" I'm not having a hemroid problem but I am having a rash problem. It's in the area a hemroid would be, it's red and... "

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" ...followup. - In your experience is irritation/rash common when someone gets hemorrhoids ? The redness and irritation ...with when I have had hemorrhoids , which has been 3... "

" Rashes between butt cheeks. Developed hemorrhoids. How to get relief? I have a rash in between my butt cheeks. Also I seem to have developed hemmroids. I have triennial many creams for yeast , taken... "

" ...winter on my hands and cuticles and practically every day on my feet.? But I've also used it for severe dry skin, chapped lips, rashes, and even on my hemorrhoids to stop the burning and... "

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