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Hemorrhoids (US English) or haemorrhoids , are Sinusoid (blood vessel) structures in the anal canal which help with stool contro...
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Common Hemorrhoids treatments discussed around the web
Preparation H 1,629 Anusol 518 Hemorrhoidal 235
90,123 conversations around the web about Hemorrhoids to help you make a decision
90,123 conversations around the web about Hemorrhoids to help you make a decision
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Hemorrhoids & Lower Abdominal Pain

0.18% of the posts that mention Lower Abdominal Pain also mention Hemorrhoids (48 posts)
Lower Abdominal Pain
We found 48 discussions
" ...sunday can't remember, I have been battling horrible hemroids so not going really ...gave me terrible sharp pains in my lower abdomen. 2 of the sharp ...urge to have a BM I get the sharp pain... "

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" ...of treatments... so frustrating.. as for direct symptons - the lower abdominal pain and then the hemmorhoids.. awful. I recently had to pass a kidney stone and the doctor was shocked that the pa... "

" ...more. I have been diagnosed with IBS, but I really don't ...becoming more frequent. I have pains in my lower abdomen that I don't know if ...else. Could it be just hemroids or something wor... "

" yellow to white. I had retained placenta 3 times, and ...lot of clots and had lower abdominal pain. I had some ...(it's definitely there, and not hemmorhoids). Plus, I'm still bleedin... "

" ...about however (I myself have ulcerative colitis), although I would think ...that it is related to haemorrhoids. You should speak to your ...suffer other symptoms, such as lower abdominal pai... "

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" ...could be a UTI or hemorrhoids . It could also be ...(pelvic inflammatory disease). The pain of PID appears as pain in lower abdomen and lower back . Huge fibroids in uterus or... "

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" ...I've been having some weird pains in my lower abdomen that feel like gas. But ...constipated. They don't feel like hemorrhoids, and my stomach doesn't hurt,... "

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" ...ago I started to have severe constipation along with stomach/lower abdomen pains. When did have a somewhat ...painkillers for pain...unnecessary...blood is from hemorrhoid... "

" ...morning with intense cramping and pain in my lower abdomen and there is still a i don't think it's hemmoroids. when i am going to intense i am taking 8mg of dilaudid and am still ... "

" ...In 3 wks, I went from no stretchmarks or hemroids, to tons of stretchmarks and, yup, hemroids. Not to mention my ...morning w/ really bad lower abdominal pain. I'm attributing to crushed... "

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