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hematoma, or haematoma, is a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels, usually in liquid form within the tissue. ...
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68,325 conversations around the web about Hematoma to help you make a decision
68,325 conversations around the web about Hematoma to help you make a decision
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Hematoma & Hip Replacement

We found 58 discussions
" located on my front thigh. I recently had hip replacement surgery. The hematoma is deep, and ...aches, but the hematoma does not ... "

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" Hip replacement bi lateral had two hip replacements within three months, first one ...hip hurts more, had a hematoma, I still need pain this normal also have some depression and fatigue.. ... "

" me I had a hip replacement last friday and have ended ...haemaglobam count was very low I bled internally had very low bp had a huge haematoma and my bladder shut down I had two blood... "

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" surgery.I have developed an orange sized hematoma around prosthetic relief. Has anyone had any experience with hip surgery and can someone with von Willebrand Disease return to any... "

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" after hip replacement Had two hip replacments three ...more scar tissue and had a hematoma.Will this left side take longer, ...swelling subside. I still have some groin pain, not bad...Im having... "

" ...having a cavity filled isn't fun. I did have a hematoma from mine which is VERY rare - happens maybe ...the people walking around with 'things' in them - hip replacements, knee replacements, pac... "

" ...where you're at. had left hip replacement. hip is fine. monday surgery, life as i had developed a hematoma the size of a basketball ...calf is numb and have foot drop. still thinking po... "

" ...getting CC. And they are: Hematoma,seroma, infection. Everyone who has anything implanted such as acemakers, hip replacements, breast implants your body ...have a large hematoma in that breast.... "

" ...lengthening my leg. The spasm has decreased some and I do ...tendon pain. I do have a huge hematoma just above my incision that ...the surgery itself. My first hip replacement incision was on... "

" ...our \"family doctor\". It's where I had my hysterectomy and my hematoma surgeries done, and my parents both had double hip replacements, back surgeries, as well as lots of less major... "

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