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hemangioma of infancy is a benign self-involution (medicine) tumor (swelling or growth) of endothelium cells, the cells that line bloo...
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Propranolol 831 Inderal 9
17,760 conversations around the web about Hemangioma to help you make a decision
17,760 conversations around the web about Hemangioma to help you make a decision
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Hemangioma & T4

We found 61 discussions
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" The hemangioma in the vertebral body of T4 is of no clinical significance. Many people have them ...recently and I have a hemangioma in one of my lumbar... "

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" ...I need some help with. Hemangioma in T4 Vertebral Body and Hemangioma in T7 Vertebral Body. I have looked up the definition for hemangioma but I wanted to know... "

" I have a hemangioma of T4. I was told they are benign and a common ...T spine lesions do hurt. However, it unless the hemangioma is messing with the spine, it is likely going... "

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" retroflexed though. I was also told I have a large hemangioma on either T3 or T4. It also looks like I have a fracture to ...means in relationship to my pain/disablity. I am sending my... "

" ...Doctor, My mother is suffering from a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation ...falls recently and also has a haemangioma in her upper spinal region in the T3 and T4 spinal area. Please te... "

" ...on C5-6. I also have a benign hemangioma on the T4, which in my research is ...found out that the hemangioma could be caused by ...where and/or chemical exposure. I don't have tumors anywhere... "

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" ...up month's ago. I have 3 Hemangioma's. One at T2 T7 T11. My syrinx is at T2-T4. I thought maybe the syrinx at T11!!! Which is the furthest away from the syrinx, possible clue??? Where is... "

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" ...has!) You said you have a tumor. What kind of tumor is it? Did they say you have a hemangioma? The reason I ask is because I have one too (1cm at T4) and there are others here... "

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" ...My 14yr old son has lived with a hemangioma in the chest cavity since ...decompressed and leak at T4 sealed but afterward had ...from chest down. Apparently the hemangioma bled and injured th... "

" MRI? Be very wary of any surgical options right now!! I have some hemangioma on T4, which they tell me happens as we age....hmm. My C spine got nailed... "

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