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Does Heliocare cause Allergies ?

#3 in Heliocare discussions - 12 posts discuss Allergies with Heliocare. Allergies is #3 concern in Heliocare discussions.
We found 12 discussions
called Heliocare Gel (recommended by the Derm), which is...
" ...of my treatment with Monocycline and Dalacin, and I ...sun protector called Heliocare Gel (recommended by the Derm), which is lightly perfumed (no allergic reaction for me so ...I use my usua... "

and that is Heliocare tablets. Apparently, they are...
" ...Betacarotene supplements - didn't work. Fexofenadine tablets - great for hayfever ...with was Piz Buin Allergy. It didn't 'cure' it ...research, and that is Heliocare tablets. Apparent... "

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