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Heavy Periods

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Menorrhagia is an abnormally heavy and prolonged menstruation at regular intervals. Causes may be due to abnormal blood clotting, disr...
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Common Heavy Periods treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 6,021 Tranexamic Acid 480 Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo 370
119,759 conversations around the web about Heavy Periods to help you make a decision
119,759 conversations around the web about Heavy Periods to help you make a decision
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Heavy Periods & Wild Yam

We found 23 discussions
" I've been bleeding for 47 days. My ...sure as hell am! I am not bleeding heavily at all it's fairly light.. ...but it's so uncomfortable and wild yam is supposed to help stop... "

" ...natural progesterone creams do have wild yam in them. When I first it, some only had wild yam, while some had a small ...progesterone cream, it made my periods heavier. Maybe the wild y... "

" ...experience with heavy periods was relieved using herbs ...-estrogen and progesterone-; wild yam, red raspberry, suma, because the bleeding was so bad and the herbs that stopped th... "

" ...On depo I had very little period and hardly no ...contraception since. However I suffer heavy periods for a week each cycle. ...have now been on Anna's Wild Yam Cream for my second cycle...... "

" progesterone? I read about wild yam that it acts like it ...greatest problem are the facial hair that has got uncontrollable and heavy periods. They were always heavy but they have got even... "

" ...symptoms - it is a wild yam and vitex (chaste tree) herbal thingy. Seems to have helped tremendously with out of control spotting and painful heavy periods. I haven't had the hot... "

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" ...tubal from me. My friend has bleeding 3 weeks of ...early 50s. I mentioned wild yam, red raspberry, and she's ...annoyed with the cramping and constant bleeding and just always feeling... "

" ...tell you that I have heavy bleeding. I'm 50. I have ...months at a time...then have a heavy period. I don't take any hormones. Some women take wild yam. I do use vitex berry... "

" ...contemplating a hysterectomy as I was in pain nearly 3 weeks out of 4. I also had very heavy periods with spotting from ovulation onwards. ...that is ok with it. Wild yam also does similar thin... "

" ...three days late on my period (I have a VERY ...emotions (NOT NORMAL, I have heavy periods and strong cramps but this ...days of my cycle and wild yam for the latter part of... "

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