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Heavy Periods

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Menorrhagia is an abnormally heavy and prolonged menstruation at regular intervals. Causes may be due to abnormal blood clotting, disr...
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Mirena 6,020 Tranexamic Acid 479 Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo 370
119,663 conversations around the web about Heavy Periods to help you make a decision
119,663 conversations around the web about Heavy Periods to help you make a decision
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Heavy Periods & Cod Liver Oil

We found 45 discussions
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" ...A in the form of cod liver oil, at least 20,000 IU but ...overdose on synthetic A, not CLO. Here's a link: Hope this... "

" ...and diet modification; tried low-carb Paleo while taking Vitex, DHEA, pregnenolone, and mega doses of fermented cod liver oil ($$$$) for the vitamin ...I read women with menorrhagia can be helpe... "

" ...caught on. I read about cod liver oil in her book almost 10 I can't look up what she recommends for heavy periods, but I know she has a section about... "

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" ...something similar and used cod liver oil and... "

" ...hand in hand w/ menorrhagia and high doses in range can elimintate them... ... asaga.html (an es... "

" ...vits. I have been taking cod liver oil and a multi vit with iron to combat aneamia due to heavy periods. Have you considered taking one of the multi vitamins... "

" Quote: Carlson's cod liver oil (it REALLY tastes like lemons--really!) ...and can happen w/ long-term iron supplementation. Women w/ heavy periods don't really have to be concerned but if you'... "

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" ...mistaken, this disorder is called: menorrhagia. Constant blood flow like a suggests that you take a Vitamin A supplement, especially found in Cod-Liver Oil up to 90,000 IU for... "

" ...this morning about Menorrhagia! I didn't connect ...hers by taking megadoses of Vitamin A by taking 90,000 IU of cod liver oil a day. I've had some troubles with heavy periods, and was just... "

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" ...taking Vitamin C? ...she was negative numbers in her Vitamin C. I would recommend one that has bioflavinoids like rutin ...of cod liver oil - "

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