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Heat Rash

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Miliaria (also called "sweat rash" or "prickly heat") is a skin disease marked by small and itchy rashes. Miliaria is a c...
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43,307 conversations around the web about Heat Rash to help you make a decision
43,307 conversations around the web about Heat Rash to help you make a decision
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Heat Rash & Iodine

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" ...i think it's more a heat rash. The ones I get are sometimes itchy, and I just put iodine on them- they go away... "

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" ...It was ruled as cellulitis, a shot and antibiotics plus heat wraps cleared it up in a ...i take extreme cautions now. Iodine alcohol and of course ...Hope it is just a heat rash, i would ch... "

" ...pubic bone. I noticed I was itching it yesteday but I ...rash which looks similar to heat rash which I've had before. I'm ...used in the ERPC like iodine or whether it's from wearing... "

" ...herbal website) and used some iodine on the rashes. after a while it resembled prickly heat-weird-then disappeared. I think it may... "

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" ...When H had really severe heat rash that she scratched till it bled, Chemist advised Savlon spray which is a yellow iodine spray. That worked well and not as expensive as spray on... "

" sounds like a type of prickly heat, my OH has what looks like bites, but they're ...or some such sounds your best bet... or that iodine stuff (Betadina!) the red ointment comes in a yellow... "

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" You look like me! I also thought I had heat rash in New England summers! It's taken 25 years to figure it out. Iodine really causes flares with my DH. Ive only been... "

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" ...than eve this year with iodine, but the malfunction is in ...uncontrollably. too hot, i would breack out in a heat rash and exhaustion. its the fluoride that does... "

" ...I have been taking niacin and during the peak of niacin skin flush ( prickly heat)I go into the ...two drops of lungols Iodine two drops of ...bity as they go through their death throws' Tw... "

" full of rashes, mainly heat rash type things. Most of the relieving the itching. Clotrimazole is usually effective on most rashes. I ...coat the affected area wiith iodine and ... "

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