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Heartburn, also known as pyrosis or acid indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the Human sternum or...
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Common Heartburn treatments discussed around the web
Zantac 16,001 Gaviscon 14,276 Prilosec 10,353
451,885 conversations around the web about Heartburn to help you make a decision
451,885 conversations around the web about Heartburn to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Heartburn

Heartburn & high blood sugar

0.12% of the posts that mention high blood sugar also mention Heartburn (79 posts)
high blood sugar
We found 79 discussions
" ...since my blood sugars are now under control I rarely get it but when my blood sugar gets high I get... "

" heartburn too and regulates my high blood sugars and blood pressure... "

" ...sleep last night. I have high fasting sugar levels and am on medication to control it bc of gestational diabetes---oatmeal milk is ...for breakfast and had heartburn all day... "

" ...1 day but close! Had to take the glucose test b/c of elevated sugar at first appt. ...levels were perfect!!!!! YAY! Now to get rid of the heart burn and constipation!!!! Anyo... "

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" ...She has heartburn all the time and takes prilosec everyday. It is doubly bad because she is diabetic. She can't have milkshakes without sending her blood sugar sky high. I've heard... "

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" ...worse it is, coz your sugar levels go sky high and then crash. So my ...way. Coke gives me shocking heart burn so those days are lon... "

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" ...good, just tired and more heartburn. Also had a headache for a couple days but I think it's sinuses. Heard today my glucose test was elevated so I'm headed back to do the 3 hour... "

" ...I am 53, right around 50 pounds overweight, my blood sugar is a little high (just a little), I think I have a gluten ...expecially for breakfast, I get horrible heart burn and feel really crappy... "

" ...about 50 pounds overweight, my blood sugar is a little high (doc says to watch it, ...a muffin, I would have horrible heart burn and feel pretty crappy for lose weight and feel better... "

" ...going to bed that was a protein and a carb such ...(although the latter gave me heartburn, being pregnant and all). This way ...this to me saying my high blood sugars in the morning were caus... "

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