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Heartburn, also known as pyrosis or acid indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the Human sternum or...
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Common Heartburn treatments discussed around the web
Zantac 15,994 Gaviscon 14,269 Prilosec 10,329
451,522 conversations around the web about Heartburn to help you make a decision
451,522 conversations around the web about Heartburn to help you make a decision
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Heartburn & Vegetarian

We found 755 discussions
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" Ah I see, being vegetarian would make it a challenge. ...glad to hear you feel better after removing cooked oils ...olive oil) from my diet. I used to have heart burn and indigestion constantly-... "

" I was a vegetarian for 14 years and this ...I cant wait to go back to being a vegetarian because meat has caused me to have terrible heartburn and weight gain because my body has no idea... "

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" ...why?? it's so tasty! and vegetarian friendly!! luleely & nodoubt: i feel your (epigastric) pain. the other irony is that my heartburn is no doubt intimately associated... "

" .... Now turned completely Like vegetarian. Recently I started to eat ...morning around 8am,then I feel hungry to eat around 10.30am. ...I feel more acidic and heart burn. Is any mommies experie... "

" ...loads better eating vegetarian. I used to have problems with heartburn and digestion,... "

" ...I love how you call yourself a junk food vegetarian. That is the perfect description of me. Everyone is ...was very sick to my stomach, heart burn and various other issues. I... "

" feel good. as a vegetarian, i was hungry and fatigued ...time. Every day I had crippling heartburn and acid reflux. When I I was as a vegetarian and fake bacon... "

" ...getting some acid reflux symptoms. I never got it as a vegetarian, but in the last two weeks of primal, I have started having symptoms. Any idea of why and what to do about it? I already... "

" ...two years I've been tryin to get preggo, the only times I've had issues with heartburn (besides some awful vegetarian lasagna my SIL served me) was when I was preggo. Other than that,... "

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" I have a gallstone (I'm a vegetarian so no animal fat) but I've cut right back ...mine but it's worse when I'm sitting. I'm getting heartburn at night when I lie flat. And I Googled... "

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