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Heartburn, also known as pyrosis or acid indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the Human sternum or...
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Common Heartburn treatments discussed around the web
Zantac 16,039 Gaviscon 14,282 Prilosec 10,479
452,666 conversations around the web about Heartburn to help you make a decision
452,666 conversations around the web about Heartburn to help you make a decision
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Heartburn & Colloidal Silver

We found 28 discussions
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" ...silver and indigestion Anyone get indigestion taking colloidal silver? I used the throat spray for a week ...that I would get the cold/flu from my co-workers. I had heartburn and indigestion all... "

" ...experiment with colloidal silver, so far (ame-g3669) I started taking colloidal silver again this Sunday.My joints feel better.My stomach has not hurt, as in no heartburn, since then. It stopped... "

" be under control taking colloidal silver and vitamins/herbs. When i take ...matter what kind, i develope heart burn, hives ect... all severe after ...far as the infection spreading. ... "

" ...take antacids a lot for heartburn, I read that they can ...make them useless. I've suffered through the heartburn to make sure the antibiotics ...lose potency. Also, still using colloidal sil... "

" ...herbs.\ \ The following had positive effects:\ \ - Heartburn Free\ - Reflux Away\ - inner health plus\ - Calcium supplement\ - chamomile tea\ \ ...- manuka honey\ - colloidal silver\ - DGL licor... "

" ...just wanted to say I've been suffering from heartburn for a few years. These would trigger my heartburn, completely the opposite in ulcer, beside the heartburn also having stom... "

" ...It helps somewhat. My heartburn is minimal right now ...Vagus Nerve. I have esophageal spasms, dizziness, headaches, and the infection with colloidal silver once again. Kidneys, lun... "

" ...(two days ago) OTC Prilosec 40 MG once daily ...I take a teaspoon of colloidal silver daily and it seems to ...the reflux and asthma. I never really suffered from heartburn too much, but som... "

Post from
" ...and one was asking about heartburn in pg. The best remedy ...your body keeping it healthy. -Colloidal silver can be used internally or ...yr old) We rarely get sick "

" soothing! Vinegar is acidic and you said you were having heartburn before... No wonder it didn't make you feel better (also, colloidal silver is known to cause stomach distress and not known... "

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