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Heart Problems

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(Cardiac disorders NEC)
Heart disease, cardiac disease or cardiopathy is an umbrella term for a variety of diseases affecting the heart. , it is ...
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149,115 conversations around the web about Heart Problems to help you make a decision
149,115 conversations around the web about Heart Problems to help you make a decision
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Heart Problems & Pneumonia

0.51% of the posts that mention Heart Problems also mention Pneumonia (756 posts)
Heart Problems
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We found 756 discussions
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" ...can. DH's grandad had heart problems but died of pneumonia, it can be really serious on a person who is already unwell. He... "

" Dear GranniD I am so sorry to hear you have been in the hospital struggling with heart problems and pneumonia. Glad to hear you are back home again and things have settled down.... "

" ...Christian College, preparing for ministry. This is his first year, and it's been tough: he was diagnosed with a heart problem in October, and he had pneumonia last month, from which he seems most... "

" ...My uncle who is 89 is in the hospital with pneumonia and a heart problem. Your good thoughts and/or prayers for him and his family would be greatly appreciated. I'm very close to this uncle. He'... "

" ...about Charlie as he has mild tachypnea (he was hospitalized to check for pneumonia and heart problems but was fine)) and the Drs are ...condition. he also has a bit of stridor when he breathes... "

" ...enjoy dinner with visiting sister-inlaw. She went to ER on Friday night later and has been admitted to hospital for heart problems and pneumonia. I've been eating fast food... "

Post from
" ...was in hospital with heart problems/pneumonia I believe. I love hi... "

" ...refused to be tested. Then last year he was hospitalized with pneumonia and heart problems, and his doctor insisted on scheduling him for a sleep study. After he was hooked... "

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" ...of fluid, my weight shot up and my blood pressure went up. I ended up in the hospital ICU with pneumonia and heart problems. They hooked me up to do hemodialysis for a week to take out... "

" ...They also put her in the hospital because she is diabetic and has heart problems, so Pneumonia could be dangerous for her. ...I think it is good for 5 years, and it prevents certain kinds of Pne... "

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