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Heart Disease

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(Cardiac disorder)
Heart disease, cardiac disease or cardiopathy is an umbrella term for a variety of diseases affecting the heart. , it is ...
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Common Heart Disease treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,941 Aspirin Lo Dose 198 Dobutamine 43
340,431 conversations around the web about Heart Disease to help you make a decision
340,431 conversations around the web about Heart Disease to help you make a decision
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Heart Disease & Syringomyelia

0.33% of the posts that mention Syringomyelia also mention Heart Disease (17 posts)
Heart Disease
We found 17 discussions
" ...cold feet, and I thought once she had been diagnosed with Syringomyelia, that that was the cause, but apparently not!!! I ...was a baby, but she had a heart condition. HE is fit and healthy??... "

" ...they are amazing family dogs. The consensus is that syringomyelia is not common in Australia at least. They do have heart issues. I would recommend contacting a few registered breeders, asking... "

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" ...centronuclear myopathy ,ophathmolplegia and syringomyelia.a 9mm syrinx T6-T11.i lost ...granted a struggle.although she doesnt have the heart condition of my other daughter,sorry, ... "

" ...disease\" referred to here is apparently syringomyelia, which is actually the development say that nearly all have \"serious\" heart disease. Good breeders are working to... "

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" ...eye injuries. Cavaliers are also lovely but again have health issues. They get eye problems, heart disease and syringomyelia which is caused by the shape of their skull and is incredibly painful.... "

" ...know how much more I can handle Ross....First the heart issues and now the Syringomyelia and the ongoing question of whether or not I ...because of the fact that Syringomyelia is considered a te... "

" ...(aswell as many other pedigree breeds) can suffer from. These can range from cardiac defects, syringomyelia and hip dysplasia to blood disorders and eye problems. They were one of... "

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" ...certs that say both parents have been tested for Syringomyelia and mitral heart disease. A simple check by the vet will not prove ...of them show signs of heart issues before they are even 5... "

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" ...the first things you need to do is ask to see the health test certs for mitral heart disease & syringomyelia. Both parents have to be clear. This is not the same as a health check. Ask have... "

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" ...6/7 years old particularly the heart issues. Half of these spaniels would ...of them have been affected. Syringomyelia also affects them, there was free of the heart condition. The... "

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