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Heart Attack

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(Myocardial infarction)
Myocardial infarction (MI) or acute myocardial infarction (AMI), commonly known as a heart attack, is the inte...
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Common Heart Attack treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 7,915 Lipitor 2,275 Plavix 1,637
651,895 conversations around the web about Heart Attack to help you make a decision
651,895 conversations around the web about Heart Attack to help you make a decision
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Heart Attack & Septic Shock

1.25% of the posts that mention Septic Shock also mention Heart Attack (72 posts)
Septic Shock
Heart Attack
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Septic Shock
We found 72 discussions
" ...away today... Was having kidney stone issues Friday but see the doc. Had severe pain Saturday, rushed to ER went into septic shock, had 2 heart attacks Saturday night and died today... "

" She started feeling bad on Wednesday and on Thursday we called 911. She was admitted into ICU and 24 hours later passed away - pneumonia, heart attack, septic shock and so on... Such a very... "

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" ...last year. His heart function was below 25% Dr raised his dose of Coreg to the max and now he is having issues sexually, unable to get an erection . He wants to try a sample of Viagara but I... "

" ...know how it feels. My mother got pneumonia again and was taken to the nearest hospital with septic shock. All of her major organs failed and she had a heart attack. She is now in a... "

" ...ventilator in one day. He was in septic shock. That was last Wed. He ...and in a drug induced coma. Since then...He's had a heart attack and has pneumonia. Being in intensive care we can only se... "

" ...started again. My cousins have stopped working twice (septic shock, she has MRSA like I ...Dad's (81) did after his last heart attack and his pacemaker placement sooo-hopefully... "

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" Drudgereport says that the pope had a heart attack, septic shock and is refusing to be re-hospitalized. He'll be dead in 24 hrs or... "

" ...of his legs,the sight in one of his eyes,had a heart attack,and went into kidney failure.He was in pain all of the time.At 53 he went into septic shock and ended up on life support.At that time I... "

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" ...had been molested on the school bus by a 17 yr old. 3.Father In law died of septic shock. 4. My father died of a heart attack. 5. a family friend was killed in a freak accident. I seriously w... "

" ...resemble blood thinners- like the aspirin and the NSAIDS and my elmiron. Because of that little heart attack I had last spring while in septic shock I have to get '... "

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