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Hearing Loss

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severity of a hearing impairment is ranked according to the additional intensity above a nominal threshold that a sound must be before...
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200,995 conversations around the web about Hearing Loss to help you make a decision
200,995 conversations around the web about Hearing Loss to help you make a decision
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Hearing Loss & Green Tea

We found 22 discussions
" ...he adds another. Then his Alzheimer?s kicks in and he ...hmm I think i'll have green tea in this cup of hot alert him as he is hard of hearing) and after the conversation he... "

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" ...pitch in....I am having frequent, loose stools, and to be ...milk (every 24 hours), and green tea. Basic protocol..... Your suggestions are welcome. I am hearing loss of fat, the HCG is... "

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" ...hoping it would ward off any infection in my chest)... Do any of you have any \"holistic\" remedies (keep in mind I'm an asthmatic)? I have a ...plugged (I can hardly hear ...(the Ecinace... "

" ...who confirms a 70 % hearing loss in both ears over ...sessions, neti pots, local honey, green tea. I am giving acupuncture a ...can't participate in conversations. I am frustrated with the do... "

" ...things that relatively \"outdo\" my tinnitus at my advanced ...trouble at least on the hearing loss side of things) 3. ...Try any sort relaxation substance like green tea, valerian, melatonin... "

" Caffeine and hearing loss definitely go hand in hand, caffeine intake to only green tea some time ago, as it's... "

" ...and my new body wash Sounds music so loud i can't hear the thoughts in my head, crickets chirping on a ...houses, art Treats walking the dogs at the SPCA, green te... "

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" ...NPC 10/1999. I have osteonecrosis now and Can't ...sweet soda drinks. Drink green tea. Sleep sittin upright, proped ...2 months of cisplatin. Followed w/ 6 mths 5FU. I have 50% hearing loss... "

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" ...will start EOD sex soon, opk around cd18, pnv, green tea Rants/Chart Stalks/Thoughts?: i switched to vaginal temping and am regretting it a bit...I can't hear the stupid thermometer going off... "

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" ...the water intake yesterday. JasonLea: Get that out with Green tea, fruit, and water ha? I might try that myself. much like me. Whisper: I can't hear you. R U back on... "

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