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headache or cephalalgia is pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different condit...
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Common Headaches treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 66,147 Acetaminophen 28,459 Ibuprofen 27,948
2,864,589 conversations around the web about Headaches to help you make a decision
2,864,589 conversations around the web about Headaches to help you make a decision
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Headaches & Moyamoya Disease

7.35% of the posts that mention Moyamoya Disease also mention Headaches (10 posts)
Moyamoya Disease
We found 10 discussions
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" ...that she also had MoyaMoya disease,which affects the Circle of ...daughter began complaining of headaches and her hands ...not trying to frighten you,but this disease is debilitating and can ... "

" Hello there my son who is 8 years hold has a history of moyamoya disease, has had a right and left pial synangioses done in the last year. ...a pain in his forehead area, similar to a headach... "

" Headache, facial pain, no vision change, ...they think I may have moyamoya disease .. but everything is in ...stages right now. I have been waking up with headaches for the past week... "

Post from
" ...These data suggest that severe headache is one of the main symptoms in young patients with moyamoya disease probably related to cerebral effective in relieving headache in patients with is... "

" embarrassed about, having psychological problems.... I insisted on ...He had very advanced Moyamoya disease! Now that he has ...the problems, he had residual terrible headaches. He agai... "

Post from
" ...Moyamoya Disease Study Reveals Key Gender Differences In Surgical Patient Treatment Outcome Moyamoya disease (MMD) is an uncommon, ...epileptic seizures or headaches. If this continues,... "

" ...bone marrow. This has no relation to the occasional headache. Please don't worry about it. It has nor relation to moyamoya disease as well. Hope it sorts your problem. Regards, Dr.... "

" ...5 yrs old.It's called moyamoya disease.I always feel compelled to ...confusion ,tingling or numbness, headaches,or weakness(my daughter had been ...waking up with a headache because of the p... "

" ...each morning. Friday I finally aksed her \" if her head hurt\" she said no I asked what does it ...for review to be sure there are no changes in the Moyamoya disease. She was good in the hospit... "

Post from
" ...child who presented with severe headache, vomiting and meningismus. Initial ...the diagnosis of Moyamoya disease was confirmed along with bleeding-type Moyamoya disease is reported i... "

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