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headache or cephalalgia is pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different condit...
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Common Headaches treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 66,324 Acetaminophen 28,480 Ibuprofen 27,993
2,869,699 conversations around the web about Headaches to help you make a decision
2,869,699 conversations around the web about Headaches to help you make a decision
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Headaches & Hot Flashes

6.36% of the posts that mention Hot Flashes also mention Headaches (27,404 posts)
Hot Flashes
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Hot Flashes
We found 27,410 discussions
" ...take prednisone occasionally when my Crohn's Disease gets out of control and it's like a magic drug, brah. Although, the hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, and... "

" Hey yeah my headaches being controlled by paracetomal and still getting hot flushes. Earlier I felt like my head was gunna explode... "

" ...sweats which aren't pleasent, but tolerable...headaches have been the worse part of Clomid. They are never horrific skull splitters like a migraine can be, but dull and... "

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" ...was on Zoloft for a while to help with my anxiety attacks, I got really horrible headaches and hot/cold flushes, ...I still get hot flushes, pr... "

" I have been on lexapro for 2 yrs now. I started taking it to control my hot flashes. It has helped, I'm down to about 5 a day. I do get headaches occasionally and lower back pain if I sit too... "

" doc had me try Effexor in hopes to help with my night sweats. I still have one ovary and all hormone testing says everything is normal. However, I still have hot flashes and night sweats. The... "

" ...headaches. I would really only have about 1 day a week without a headache. So far this week I haven't had one.. Lets hope it stays that way, cause tylenol doesn't do anything for me. I also... "

" ...Last two nights my night sweats have been out of control, headaches flashes, but the night sweats had left me. sleep is a problem since surgery. If I feel like this 2 days into premar... "

" ...their injections?? I can tolerate the hot flashes as I had them on my last type of treatment for endo but the headache is starting to scare me a bit... just looking for some reassurance that this... "

" ...I have this week started with feeling bloated, stomach ...there to high?!? Hot flashes and light sweats r controlled!! Wondering..... Maybe there two high. Also some headaches. Thanks Krissy. ... "

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