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Hawthorn berry + Thyroid

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13 conversations around the web about Hawthorn berry + Thyroid to help you make a decision
13 conversations around the web about Hawthorn berry + Thyroid to help you make a decision
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Hawthorn berry & Thyroid

We found 13 discussions
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" ...put my son on hawthorn berry supplements. She said that ...has ventricular tachycardia. I've put him on calcium, magnesium and vit. D supplements ...sure you've checked your thyroid, but if... "

" is mostly talked about for hyper-thyroid conditions. The thyroid needs Iodine to function correctly and we need Iodine ...herb. I agree with the Hawthorn Berry for the heart/blood pressure.... "

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" Hi! Hawthorn Berry Tincture is well known to ...thyroid and have been on thyroid med. Anyone know how to ... magnesium, I am taking folic Acid, I am taking CoQ10...and... "

" yesterday - and some hawthorn berry tincture and gingko today. It'll ...Mickey's bloodtest showed his thyroid at 7 - normal ...Dr. Tate said with his kidney problems it wasn't recommend... "

" ...of weight and has low energy. His heartbeat is ...his diet (somehow) and maybe hawthorn berry tincture - and trying to ...has prescribed a \"low-dose\" (he says) thyroid pill - Methimazole 5... "

" ...and this morning started Thyroid 30x3 plus Cortef 2.5x4, ...most likely due to thyroid (which I already knew), ...take consists of; Eleuthero root Hawthorn Berry Rosehip Alfalfa herb Sarsaper... "

" ...Buy some Celery Seed Extract, Hawthorn Berry, Policosonol and SAMe. Start taking ...Innovations, but that has Saw Palmetto in it. Step ...will help keep your thyroid in working order. ... "

" ...of T3 will screw your thyroid for life. Hope that gets NEED the carbs. Try 250gms protein 150gm carbs and about ...a day helps a lot) Hawthorn berry if the heart rate/bp goes... "

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" ...I made a cup of hawthorn berry tea, and took 4 teaspoons ...thinking that my pounding heart was due to a thyroid overdose. So I cut back the thyroid and kept taking the hawthorn! duh! Yes, ... "

" ...reduced salt. I started hawthorn berry 6 weeks ago (2caps, ...pressure is now 130/80. Hawthorn berry is a great supplement! ...above normal (nothing alarming) thyroid is normal (mid range)... "

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