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hallucination, in broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus (physiology). In a stricter sense, hallucin...
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Common Hallucinations treatments discussed around the web
Seroquel 3,566 Abilify 1,832 Risperdal 1,428
270,771 conversations around the web about Hallucinations to help you make a decision
270,771 conversations around the web about Hallucinations to help you make a decision
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Hallucinations & Liver Disease

0.08% of the posts that mention Liver Disease also mention Hallucinations (82 posts)
Liver Disease
We found 82 discussions
" ...3 days, has major hallucinations, he is in a state of confusion, anxiety does not understand anything you tell him. He has ...drinker for 10 years. He went to the hospital because of liver probl "

" ...oj) I am off xyrem right now also, due to stomach and now liver problems. I also had the all night nightmares. My doctor called it 'rebound HH'. My hallucinations were almost nothing... "

" ...ex junkie and had known liver disease - only about 5% ...problems too. He had an increase in muscle spasms mostly affecting his ...was unsteady walking, had hallucinations, was a little inna... "

" even remotely function. My pain has improved but is ...BUT I'm starting the have liver problems from them. The Gabapentin is bad at one point I was hallucinating. The term \"raw nerv... "

" ...concerning serious blood and bone marrow abnormalities. Remeron has been linked to liver problems and hallucinations. Remeron is usually given at starting dose of 15... "

" ...when she was like 18 or something. She had hallucinations, pag gabi she felt like she was asleep but ...about this na in the long run it could cause liver problems kaya ndi na available sa ... "

" ...sleeping nights and lots of hallucination,confusion: Dressing up at nights and ...the day he suffer form depression by crying a ...have hepatitic c and had some liver problems. I am not s... "

" ...cirrhosis. She is presently in the hospital with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. She ...again. She is in ICU and is suffering from hallucinations and is ...what stage liver disease would y... "

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" ...I know they are having health issues, liver problems. I cant say anything about this stage with hallucinations, paranoia. I need advice ...believe me that these hallucinations arent r... "

" ...The next issue is how liver disease effects us emotionally. I had the point that I was having hallucinations, nightmares and suicidal thoughts. The... "

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