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Hair Loss

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Alopecia means loss of hair from the head or body. Alopecia can mean baldness, a term generally reserved for pattern alopecia or andr...
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Common Hair Loss treatments discussed around the web
Propecia 45,888 Minoxidil 41,410 Finasteride 32,323
1,091,538 conversations around the web about Hair Loss to help you make a decision
1,091,538 conversations around the web about Hair Loss to help you make a decision
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Hair Loss & Serotonin

We found 266 discussions
" ...So that's serotonin amiright? BAD serotonin! Triggering the HPA axis and making my hair fall out! Serotonin...... "

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" a higher level of serotonin, a substance, i recommend just understand your problem. I have sever alopecia (hair loss) brother and i get stressed... "

" ...the issues, then serotonin is what you ...something about the balding and stay on an SSRI?... "

" did not stop my hairloss. It might stop other peoples hairloss if the (Serotonin, Estrogen, Prolactin, Cortisol ) etc... "

" ...tried this alternative serotonin herbal stuff instead ...but I was losing hair....a lot ...stop it. Does anybody know an... "

" Not really. He is saying hair loss is caused by prolactin estrogen serotonin cortisol and some others I ...? It is a hair loss book with some information... "

" imbalance AGA for me High PGD2 is only the Hair loss disorder result I prefer to work on serotonin disorder, that can explain AGA... "

" ...too. But messing with serotonin also kinda scares me. I was on celexa for a short time and it gave me anxiety from hell; I ended up losing hair it was so bad. Might try the... "

" ...the above symptoms, which is why Wellbutrin worked so well for me I guess -- it ...more common ad's which target serotonin; however it made my hair fall out so I had to stop... "

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" ...I first started. Constipation is a common major problem too due to the lack of fiber. The low carbs contribute to decreased serotonin which will make ...your kidneys. I lost a lot of hair and ne... "

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