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Hair Loss

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Alopecia means loss of hair from the head or body. Alopecia can mean baldness, a term generally reserved for pattern alopecia or andr...
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Common Hair Loss treatments discussed around the web
Propecia 45,885 Minoxidil 41,410 Finasteride 32,322
1,091,231 conversations around the web about Hair Loss to help you make a decision
1,091,231 conversations around the web about Hair Loss to help you make a decision
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Hair Loss & Maca Preparation

We found 614 discussions
" say that Maca stopped your hair loss for a long time? ...then that made Maca stop working ... "

" using maca? when my hair was falling out and my normally strong ...i drop the maca from my morning... "

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" tried the maca supplement or ginko bilbo? ...moment I am taking maca with the hope it'll stop hair loss and also ginko bil... "

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" ...about? Thanks. I also had heavy hair loss and started taking Maca, Vitaman A with D, Selenium... "

" inform you, that my hair loss is now 90% better. What helped me? Maca. Thank you all for help... "

" ...of vitamin B (that may be what's causing the hair loss).. With Maca I haven't had any negative side effects.. so... "

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" ...with no Estrogen/Testosterone-problem,that's why Maca is not our cup of tea? We just got Hairloss because of stress.Time to... "

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" ...had taken maca for hormonal imbalance. im sure it ...didn't work for me. only detoxing heavy metals cured my issue. maca might help hair loss if it addresses a de... "

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" ...loss treatment Do these ingredients look like the type you would find in hair loss treatment pills? I bought ...greatly appreciated. Yohimbe Peruvian Maca Ginkgo Biloba Bilberry Catuaba... "

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" ...supplements for excess testosterone. Sarsaparilla, Maca, Saw Palmetto... etc. Eeek, but ...taking antiandrogens for my acne not for hair loss, I am no e... "

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