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Hair Loss

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Alopecia means loss of hair from the head or body. Alopecia can mean baldness, a term generally reserved for pattern alopecia or andr...
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Common Hair Loss treatments discussed around the web
Propecia 45,924 Minoxidil 41,466 Finasteride 32,370
1,098,444 conversations around the web about Hair Loss to help you make a decision
1,098,444 conversations around the web about Hair Loss to help you make a decision
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Hair Loss & Lidocaine

We found 155 discussions
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" ...but the benifits were really good. I started Glucosamine/MSM and it does seem to help. I know it really helps with my Fibro.. Another thing is I have started instills with Lidocaine, Sodium... "

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" ...lidocaine gel doesn't cost much. ...numb. I had the same problems with the ELmiron. I hate to ...feeling sick and I have alopecia and no one told me about the thinning hair thing. I already n... "

" ...and doesn't want to use lidocaine. ( I'm a dental hygienist tx, a little topical lidocaine I'd perfectly ok). And I ...trumped a lot of my hairloss to maybe a flatiron!!!... "

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" ...loss fm Heparin instills? I know Heparin can cause hair loss when in the blood, but I'm having major hair loss since I started the instills of 5ml 4% lidocaine, 4mls Heparin 10,000U/ml, 5m... "

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" ...for this including magic mouthwash, lidocaine gel, gelclaire, etc. Because you ...hours. Judy is right have stool softeners and reflux meds on hand. Also ...will more than likely lose your... "

" ...Waiting till 7am to take steriods and anti-nausea but feel just fine EMLA pathces (they contain Lidocaine) for the back of my ...don't have to think about hair loss!! ha... "

" ...bottom of your feet??) and any balding parts of the scalp, when don't want him to get sick. Also pack the Aloe burn gel with Lidocaine. Its the best for sunburns,... "

" Janmac75 - my hair loss fluctuates a bit too - ...SP stops the majority the hair loss, and the lavender/rosemary/aloe mix makes ...I notice a little more hair loss around my pms/period week.... "

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" ...oral Elmiron. I did have a bit of hair loss, but it was not noticeable ...the instillations of Elmiron and lidocaine directly into my bladder. We ...I had been concurrently taking Utira-C, an... "

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" last session. I would lose hair and have less for a I went did offer lidocaine cream if you wanted to I mentioned, I have a high pain tolerance. It was pretty painful... "

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