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(Human papilloma virus infection)
Common HPV treatments discussed around the web
Gardasil 6,376 Cervarix 527 Condylox 344
193,271 conversations around the web about HPV to help you make a decision
193,271 conversations around the web about HPV to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating HPV

HPV & Colloidal Silver

We found 36 discussions
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" I cured HPV warts with colloidal silver. I also do CS up the nose before work and I do OPing.... "

" ...most effective to me, both for HPV and warts, and for my chronic strep throat,... "

" ...out there yet to detect HPV in men. This may help \"colloidal silver and viruses\"........Years ago I drank got rid of my ... "

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" ...Silver and HPV I was recently diagnosed with the HPV virus and moderate cells CNHP who recommended Colloidal silver. Have you heard of any cases where colloidal silver worked in attacking... "

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" HPV Support I just bought a ...tried this? I also have a hand wart, and am applying the ...raw garlic, vitamin E, coral calcium (from japan) astragalus, echinacea, colloidal silver (both in a d... "

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" My patient experience with cervical cancer has been nothing but ...of a nursing home!!! Otherwise, I have HPV and got rid of the warts a few years ago. a believer in colloidal silver. I ho... "

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" MMS and HPV I was wondering if MMS might be effective in treating HPV? I have the strain that ...other things I'm considering (iodine, colloidal silver, and oleander) just as effective?... "

" COLLOIDAL SILVER \"Colloidal Silver - Warts/HPV After 4 unsuccessful surgeries to eliminate anal warts Colloidal Silver did the trick in days. ...signs or discomfort from the HPV virus. CS is avail... "

" ...that I have Condyloma (HPV) and that it often I've been using tea tree, vitamin e oil and colloidal silver topically and then a tea spoon of colloidal silver orally every day. I've... "

" ...I already killed it with colloidal silver also. I heard that passing ...have it. I do have HPV which I also got from ...this I'm not sure about. HPV shows up with little small... "

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