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H Pylori

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(Helicobacter infection)
Helicobacter pylori ( H. pylori), previously named Campylobacter pyloridis'', is a Gram-negative, microaerophile ...
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37,628 conversations around the web about H Pylori to help you make a decision
37,628 conversations around the web about H Pylori to help you make a decision
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H Pylori & Sore Throat

0.64% of the posts that mention H Pylori also mention Sore Throat (240 posts)
H Pylori
Sore Throat
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Sore Throat
We found 240 discussions
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" think that? Is the test and doctor diagnoses of h pylori that made me lose 5 -6 kg in 2 ...of this I have no problem with but the sore throat that lasted for two weeks and the dry mouth... "

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" ...being tested for h.pylori at themomnet ,gp did throat)in november ,the omeprazole made me feel really unwell ,i had a constant ...helping much still getting a very sore throat from acid... "

" I was put on Amoxicillin w/Calavuante which gave me a very bad sore throat. Port site still not ...and now have hives. After three ...6/87. Last year I was diagnoised with H. Pylori and He... "

" 2 months. Then got treated for H pylori. Now I have been off my throat, globus and sore throat almost everyday but have slight heartburn only when I eat... "

" ...she was 4 and she would often say her throat hurt first. I think it was just the way she ...parasite that was causing her to chuck randomly. And H. Pylori is more common than you would think. N... "

" ...Did you take the entire h pylori medication as prescribed ? Do you still have throat symptoms or just this burning? How ...did before taking the h pylori treatment for your ulcer?... "

Post from
" ...- everything an effort. Loads of swollen neck glands, sore throat,hoarseness. Have just been diagnosed with mono and h pylori - developed new painful nodes in neck under jaw... "

" ...Hi I'm new here. I just got done being treated for h pylori - no ulcers, just gastritis. ...and esophogitis. I'm taking Nexium in the morning ...wake up with a sore throat. Is this all part... "

" ...H.pylori and they were in the form of 4 daily i.m injections and it was not a nice experience. However, eventually, I got rid of this stubborn germ after failing 4 antibiotic courses. So, it's wor... "

" ...asleep 25 minutes total. I was a little groggy for awhile, came home ...hour nap. I have a slight sore throat but not bad. A ...and Dr took biopsy for H Pylori. I've been sick for 3 mont... "

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