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H Pylori

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(Helicobacter infection)
Helicobacter pylori ( H. pylori), previously named Campylobacter pyloridis'', is a Gram-negative, microaerophile ...
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Common H Pylori treatments discussed around the web
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37,617 conversations around the web about H Pylori to help you make a decision
37,617 conversations around the web about H Pylori to help you make a decision
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H Pylori & Sinus Infections

0.34% of the posts that mention H Pylori also mention Sinus Infections (127 posts)
H Pylori
Sinus Infections
We found 127 discussions
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" ...about that. For my sinus infection last year, I had just come off of the treatment for H.Pylori, so didn't want any more antibiotics. My HN doctor told me to load up on Vitamin C. Can you... "

" I think that I OD on flaygl for treatment of h. pylori and that's how I ended ...much for my immune system. H. pylori is no fun, neither are ...for z-pack. Z-pack won't kill h, pylori but if I h... "

" that I have the H-Pylori bacteria in my duodenum that is ...for the Buehler. On top of that, I have a sinus infection and my ear hurts like ****. Not sure if... "

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" ...rooter\". I used to have one sinus infection right after the ...the surgery and I've not had a sinus infection (knock on the tummy sick, have you ever been checked for h-pylori? I alw... "

Post from
" ...treatment, the dry/metal taste in my mouth is awful, but at least I know it will end! Since I had no symptoms I'm thinking the h.pylori can't be as bad as the pains I'm experiencing in my stomach... "

Post from
" ...many ways and I know it will do the same for you. I'm really starting to think that alot of the h pylori symptoms I'm still dealing with are sinus infection due to h pylori... "

" ...PCP had me on Biaxin for a sinus infection, and cipro for something else, and none of them did any good at all and made me feel worse. Then, suspecting an H Pylori infection I was given Biaxin and... "

" ...(As you probably know, H. Pylori has been suspected ...funduplication) to fix the esophageal reflux. And then the patients were totally cured of their sinusitis. Thank-you for... "

" ...that I still have H pylori I have this behavior told me that H pylori can cause reflux also ...on some antibiotics for a sinus infection my reflux symptoms diminished sig... "

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" cured my ulcers and h. pylori infection. But, 2 years ago I started to feel ill and had constant sinus infections & horrible fatigue. The fatigue ...found out I had candidiasis from prolonged... "

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