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H Pylori

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(Helicobacter infection)
Helicobacter pylori ( H. pylori), previously named Campylobacter pyloridis'', is a Gram-negative, microaerophile ...
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Common H Pylori treatments discussed around the web
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37,575 conversations around the web about H Pylori to help you make a decision
37,575 conversations around the web about H Pylori to help you make a decision
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H Pylori & Coconut Oil

We found 154 discussions
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" ...second coconut oil. It has antibacterial properties, ...caused by the bacteria h pylori. I've also read that... "

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" Coconut oil is currently in focus among allergy I am unable to eat coconut. But anything that can suppress h.pylori activity is worth... "

" ...My mom has struggled with H.Pylori and many other GI ailments ...keep telling her to take coconut oil and eat coconut (she lives ...68, so I know the coconut oil would help her brain... "

" ...about SIBO. But she thought H. Pylori was more likely. I haven't ...I'm pretty sure I have some kind of fructose intolerance. I've tried coconut oil and various homemade probiotics without... "

" ...on h pylori treatment and had a few questions Hi guys Have had stomach problems for years. Finally got tested for h pylori and came back positive. ...(twice a day) and coconut oil 2/3 tbsp a day... "

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" ...stop you can experience insomnia, night sweats, heat ...had a bout of h pylori and other digestive issues ...will exacerbate your symptoms. Probiotics, coconut oil, turmeric... Most important... "

" ...rid of my H. pylori infection with virgin coconut oil. I know it ...for me. Aloe vera juice helps soothe the stomach and alleviates the pain. I used ...until I took coconut oil. I di... "

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" ...does affect the nervous system ...the sun.I also have gastritis. And gerd..Before every ...acid and coax/ tempt the h pylori to come out?10 min later take teasoon of coconut oil to kill h pyl... "

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" ...if antibiotics don't work. Meanwhile I bought some virgin coconut oil since I have read that it works against H pylori. I have started taking a couple of spoons of... "

" H. Pylori: Antibiotics vs. Natural treatment Can I combine the two? I have high levels of it and probably candida and SIBO too. Would ...probiotics? How about coconut oil, garlic, digestive enzymes... "

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