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Gulf War Syndrome

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Gulf War syndrome (GWS) or Gulf War illness (GWI) affects veterans and civilians who were near conflicts during or downwind of a...
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4,179 conversations around the web about Gulf War Syndrome to help you make a decision
4,179 conversations around the web about Gulf War Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Gulf War Syndrome & Type 2 Diabetes

0.19% of the posts that mention Gulf War Syndrome also mention Type 2 Diabetes (8 posts)
Gulf War Syndrome
Type 2 Diabetes
We found 8 discussions
robert mckinnis
type 2 diabetic gulf war
I served during the gulf war and have been diagnosed with diabeties.I believe all the exposure to the chemicals in the air along with ythe drugs that we was given to supposibly protect us from a chemical attack is a direct result of my diabeties.

" ...a Vietnam Vet and have suffered with Agent Orange cancers and Type II Diabetes for years. I saw today where ...government finally fessed up to Gulf War Syndrome and I actually cried, and... "

" ...curious, how do you know that it is type 2 diabetes that you have? With ...would have diabetes, not Type 2 diabetes which is a resistance ...I believe, that the 'gulf war syndrome' is still g... "

" ...non-veteran, has developed severe Type II Diabetes. ...Type II Diabetes fits the description of Chronic Fatigue Immuno-Dysfunction Syndrome to a T. My CFIDS is associated with cytomegalovirus. H... "

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" ...probably caused by it. Even Vietnam Vet harm and 'gulf war syndrome' harm - should be considered. I just had a ...such as Syndrome X and type 2 diabetes can be part of the... "

" ...things that the gulf war syndrome vets would describe Do you have blood in urine? Do you ...without someone having the fatigue)... in my case I have Syndrome X and type 2 diabetes which I do... "

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" ...passed a bill that adds Type II diabetes to the list of diseases ...are among many that fall into the category of Gulf War Syndrome, which has affected tens of thousands of vets who... "

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" ...and I suspect it for 'gulf war syndrome' and the real harm to ...exposure to this chemical. AND I think things like type 2 diabetes and brain tumors and leukemia can be late appearing... "

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" .... It would surprise you. Even type 2 diabetes has an autoimmune aspect to ...looking for in CFS , CFIDS, 'gulf war syndrome' I believe to be autoimmune... "

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