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Asthma is the common chronic (medicine) inflammatory disease of the bronchi characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, revers...
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Common Asthma treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 18,911 Prednisone 15,937 Ventolin 12,998
672,546 conversations around the web about Asthma to help you make a decision
672,546 conversations around the web about Asthma to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Asthma

Grapefruit Seed & Asthma

We found 66 discussions
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" ...Can I use tea tree oil in my cold water humidifier to help relieve asthma cough and stuffy nose? Is ...of water? P.S. Would adding Grapefruit Seed Extract or Lavender help as well?... "

" ...I rinse my mouth thoroughly and brush my teeth, sometime with vitamin C powder or grapefruit seed extra. I'm not sure exactly about what your pock-marked film is, but recommend you to talk about... "

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" ...have been the lifesaver was Grapefruit Seed extract. Use Grapefruit Seed Extract in drops in your juice or water and Grapefruit Seed Extract nasal spray. these things are little one has ... "

" ...thrush for weeks. He has asthma and it is a side effect of his medication. I tried everything-gentian violet, grapefruit seed extract, yogurt, probiotics and it I started Diflucan. Does... "

" ...times per day and the infection will be gone in a couple of days. ...well. BTW you would not believe the things that grapefruit seed extract works to cure. My son no longer needs his asthma... "

" Grapefruit seed oil...Anyone use it? Someone was telling me about it really intersted in it for cleaning. I have severe asthma, as do both DDs. I want to use more... "

" ...itchy throat that I believe is caused by candida. The GSE and ...believe the oral corticosteroids ie.asthma preventative inhalers stuffed up ...the first place). ps.grapefruit seed extract is... "

" ...we use hydrogen peroxide,baking soda,white vinegar,grapefruit seed oil,lemon juice,and laundry bar soap.We ...worsens the symptoms of my excema and asthma.I can't really use candles,insense,or s... "

Post from
" ...your cat have asthma? Cayenne works for respiratory ailments as well as asthma. If your cat has asthma you could try cayenne ...of drops of grapefruit seed extract(dilute it in several... "

" ...Grapefruit Seed Extract ...Water (is this even useful for babies over 12 mo?) So, what else should I get to round it out? I can't buy a lot, but I want to at least have some basics to get us ... "

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