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Gout (also known as podagra when it involves the big toe) is a Disease usually characterized by recurrent attacks of acute infla...
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Common Gout treatments discussed around the web
Allopurinol 2,845 Colchicine 1,619 Prednisone 865
61,383 conversations around the web about Gout to help you make a decision
61,383 conversations around the web about Gout to help you make a decision
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Gout & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

0.07% of the posts that mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency also mention Gout (27 posts)
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
We found 27 discussions
" test for Rheumatoid Arthritis, B12 Deficiency, Gout, and thyroid levels. She thinks's often that I have pain. Apparently 2 big indicators ...just something simple like B12 deficie... "

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" ...possible cause. Gout, B12 deficiency,... "

" ...certain forms of folate. When B12 becomes deficient, whether an absolute ...less uric acid, and bye-bye gout. So if you can tie B12 deficiency to problems with protein digestion... "

" ...and chest pain Gout (shown by swelling ...muscular pain also suggests B12 deficiency. Swelling on the face suggests management of Anemia (Iron, B6, B12 etc) Swelling, pain indirectly... "

" ...pain, typically neurologic pain, from B12 deficiency and/or gluten sensitivity. B12 deficiency is one of the great ...also occasion an investigation into gou... "

" ...disease and anaemia.Use of oral vitamin B12 tablets are as effective for treating B12 deficiency as injectables if taken in ...disorders,adequate treatment of the Gout and Spondylosis will help.... "

" B12 Deficiency??? I was wondering if anyone [U]wondering is this a B12 Deficiency or possibly something else such ...sound like a B12 Deficieny, Gout, Anemia???? if anyone could give... "

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" ...pain and did blood work (low B12 levels were shown but not sure if its related or not). No one even mentioned gout. Good to hear your husband is fine now. Yeah...I... "

" ...please let me know. If you can tie poor protein digestion to a B12 deficiency, I can understand a connection to gout, as I wrote earlier, but I don't think it can happen by faulty... "

" ...often attracted to others with similar conditions because we have developed a tolerance to quirkiness. Both you and your boyfriend have snps that may indicate B12 deficiency in addition to the... "

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