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Gout (also known as podagra when it involves the big toe) is a Disease usually characterized by recurrent attacks of acute infla...
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Common Gout treatments discussed around the web
Allopurinol 2,879 Colchicine 1,637 Prednisone 870
61,862 conversations around the web about Gout to help you make a decision
61,862 conversations around the web about Gout to help you make a decision
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Gout & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

0.07% of the posts that mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency also mention Gout (27 posts)
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
We found 27 discussions
" ...feels the familiar tingle in his big toes. As you say, your urea level was fine and your pain sounds more like arthritis, which is of course an auto-immune condition. Since B12 deficiency suppresse... "

" ...of the disease. I do take vitamin supplements and other neutraceuticals to prevent gout. I'm wondering if these ...CAN CONTRIBUTE TO A B12 DEFICIENCY, WHICH ITSELF CAN CONTRIBUTE... "

" I get pseudo-gout from hashimoto's thyroiditis, and I've lately had some neuropathy from B12 deficiency. I lift heavy and avoid ...because it's easier on my pain levels and joints to... "

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" Type 3 diabetic have a B12 deficiency and have a duplicate kidney ...However the fruit gives me gout and from getting gout two or three times a ...2-3 times a month. I am confused about t... "

" ...ask you to consider gout for any toe issue. Not every symptom you have is necessarily related to B12 deficiency. My father has had attacks of gout and so have I. ...syrup can cause gout attack... "

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" due to low B12. I know that quorn can cause gout. Specialist said I ...Grandfather all suffered with Gout other side of family kidney problems. I have loads of other joint problems due t... "

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" prevent the production of uric acid crystals. I have had gout almost permanently since taking the asllopurinol and some of the most painful and long standing attacks ...have B12 deficiency,... "

" ...hopefully combat the chances of gout and acidic urine by taking sodium ascorbate. But, re: B12, it seems from my reading ...about increased urination is from B12 deficiency. I'm beginning to won... "

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" ...times a year. I hope I regain feeling soon as it has been near enough a week now but unless my toe drops off in the night I suppose I won't worry so much. I will google gout and b12 deficiency tha... "

" No gout nor B12 deficiency and I assume he is not diabetic ... athlete's food would have been noticed ... arthritis could be likely ... peripheral neuropathy could also be a possibility... "

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