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goitre American and British English spelling differences number -re, -er goiter (Latin gutteria, struma), is a swelling ...
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Common Goiter treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 2,268 Levothyroxine 540 Levoxyl 270
32,157 conversations around the web about Goiter to help you make a decision
32,157 conversations around the web about Goiter to help you make a decision
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Goiter & Swollen Lymph Nodes

0.44% of the posts that mention Goiter also mention Swollen Lymph Nodes (142 posts)
Swollen Lymph Nodes
We found 142 discussions
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" ...had until yesterday. I have a goiter /one right nodule solid that ...the family history of goiter and thyroid problems and ...have had nodules in my lungs and lymph nodes enlarged now for thr... "

" ...My 3 year old son has had persistant swollen lymph nodes on one side of his neck for many months, ...up on the front of his neck, above his goiter. We go back to the Dr. next week. At... "

" ...strongly recommend RAIU (radioactive uptake scan.) Do you have any swollen lymph nodes in the neck/clavical area? Do you have a goiter? I don't know what the odds are but it... "

Post from
" ...have swollen lymph nodes ...goiter . He gave a prescription for antibiotic and made a followup appointment for June 10. Do you think whatever infection is in my nodes could be the problem with... "

" ...few people have told me it is just a swollen lymph node, but it's in the area ...and jaw. I've had swollen lymph nodes before, but usually on ...I used to have a nodular thyroid goitre, so I'... "

" on anti-thyroid meds at this time??? If your goiter is growing in size and your lymph nodes are swollen, I would suggest you make an appt. with yo... "

" info on that. TPO How did the doc determine that you have Hashimoto's? Are you symptomatic? Do you have a goiter? Swollen lymph ... "

" ...few days I've been feeling off - shaky and hot and not ...forgot to say I have a swollen lymph node by my collarbone on the side of my goitre which is really quite sore.... "

" ...(the last 2mg are the hardest, don't care what anyone says.) I've had enlarged thyroid, hormone level changes and swollen lymph nodes for three years but none of my docs (even the one giving me... "

" ...endo said he did feel a small goiter, but when i tried to ...a 'lump'. my ear is driving me nuts. my lymph nodes are swollen and i have trouble/pain when i swallow. i'm just confused because i... "

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