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goitre American and British English spelling differences number -re, -er goiter (Latin gutteria, struma), is a swelling ...
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Common Goiter treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 2,262 Levothyroxine 539 Levoxyl 270
32,063 conversations around the web about Goiter to help you make a decision
32,063 conversations around the web about Goiter to help you make a decision
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Goiter & Stiff Neck

0.11% of the posts that mention Goiter also mention Stiff Neck (35 posts)
Stiff Neck
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Stiff Neck
We found 35 discussions
" ...a 3 inch scar, a stiff neck for about 3 days, and ...track, and get it taken care of. I had Follicuar cancer, enclosed and not mets yet, the other cysts were the start of a goiter. I will hear o... "

" and on stiff neck problems swallowing tender ...did youhave a stiff neck on times monkey and they said you had a multinodular goiter didnt they?????? on... "

" ...what the radiologist called a goiter to make sure of it ...I kind of held my neck stiff all day to protect those line. With still doing herceptin every 3 weeks the... "

" ...was diagnosed with a thyroid goiter, multi-nodular. They're not testing the of concern. I have stiff neck---my muscles on both sides of ...are related to the goiter, but they all ca... "

" ...57 year old female suspected thyromegaly received a copy of the ...armpit pain and swelling, more discomfort when lying down, stiff neck, taunt full feeling down chest arms and back. I... "

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" ...getting a diagnosis despite goiter Hello, My name is ...was diagnosed with a goiter two years ago my ...are heavy, facial flushing, muscle tightness, neck stiffness, and water retention. I ... "

" ...( may be due to goiter on thyroid) all over weakness ...appear and within 24 hrs have disappeared dry eyes stiff neck (difficulty to turn head) very very dry itchy skin... "

" ...ago for my large substernal goiter. The anticipation of the surgery ...a few days and a stiff neck. I didn't drive until 5 ...better. Sore throat went away, neck stiffness wasn't as bad and... "

" ...treatment for hyperthyroidism and a goiter. It didn't work the way ...thought it would, meaning the goiter went away and my thyroid ...the swollen glands I have neck stiffness and aches, and ... "

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" Sore/stiff neck Hi Everyone: Please don't think consumed with a goiter. When I stand or sit and lean over, the goiter constricts on my esophagus ...become intensly ill. My goiter swel... "

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