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Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor in humans, involving glial ce...
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Common Glioblastoma treatments discussed around the web
Temodal 5,129 Avastin 4,149 Temozolomide 410
31,647 conversations around the web about Glioblastoma to help you make a decision
31,647 conversations around the web about Glioblastoma to help you make a decision
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Glioblastoma & Seizures

6.47% of the posts that mention Glioblastoma also mention Seizures (2,046 posts)
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We found 2,046 discussions
" I had about 10 seizures after my treatment for GBM, all but one mild. Several we're brought on by stress. Most of them I remained aware through. I also could tell... "

" ...taking. 3 lamical 75mg a.m. and p.m. seems very under control. Had larger Glioblastoma Stage I removed in 2010, has a new one Jul 2013. No chemo at... "

" ...& Depacote for seizures...they've been controlled now since May,... "

" ...and parietal lobes with a right to left shift 2 yrs ago (Nov 18th, 2010). He had surgery but didnt get it all, did the radiation (42 rounds) then Temodar and Avastin for 8 mos. On 3-1-13 he had... "

" ...GBM (dx 7-07) with surgery in July and 42 days of Temodar and radiation. On Sunday my mom had her first seizure, followed by a second one on Tuesday. She was immediately started on Dilantin and... "

" ...December. I took compazine and Kytril ...Big-Daddy Pat Dx GBM 9/07. Finished radio w/Temodar, then 12 cycles of 5/23. Am currently off treatment. Have had two seizures since September 08... "

" with the swelling. His chemo was just changed to carboplatin and avastin which seems to be helping. It is scary for us to watch them go through the seizure and my husband doesn't remember... "

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" ...anniversary since being diagnosed with a GBM grade 4 and ...of radiation and 6 months Temodar. Developed optical seizures a year and a half ago and am taking Dilantin and Lyrica. (nothing major ... "

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" ...a friend wiht GBM who is taking keppra for seizures and it gives her a terrible burn. This has become much worse since she started avastin and another drug ...but they are constipating. Does... "

" Hi TedM My dad has a GBM IV tumor and has seizures. He's on medication, valproic acid and something else, and he still, every so often, has a seziure. His medication levels are checked... "

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