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Other names: Zeldox, Ziprasidone HCl
Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Ziprasidone (marketed as Geodon, Zeldox by Pfizer) was the fifth atypical antipsychotic to gain FDA approval (February 200...
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Geodon for Anxiety
41,953 conversations around the web about Geodon to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Geodon and compared it to other Depression medications
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Geodon & Anxiety

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recently started Geodon for my anxiety. It works great and...
" I recently started Geodon for my anxiety. It works great and I havent experienced any serious side... "

I had a ton of anxiety and the Geodon helped, but is not a...
" ...has helped significantly with my anxiety and irritability (mixed mania symptoms). I still have anxiety issues. Face it I had a ton ... "

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work for me. Geodon helped me for a while, not anti-anxiety...
" ...zoloft before but it didn't work for me. Geodon helped me for a while, not anti-anxiety meds... "

I have very little anxiety. Good Luck!...
" ...well, but actually causes anxiety in a lot of people, so you have to be careful with this one. I also take a high level of buspar, and ativan PRN. Between these... "

Geodon works wonders for my anxiety and serves to lessen my...
" ...Seroquel-worked wonderfully, but crazy weight gain. Abilify-didn't seem to help much. Geodon-is great but I have to take Cogentin in order to be able to take it. Geodon works wonders for my ... "

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Geodon works ok for my anxiety - helps some - it also helps...
" ...You might want to try Buspar in conjunction with it. I took it in my 20s and now I'm back on it again to help with the extremely high anxiety I experience all day. My pdoc and I don't want... "

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to taking Geodon it reduced my anxiety and I was already on...
" ...found out I was BP and for the reason of losing control with my life. In addition to taking Geodon it reduced my anxiety and I was ...weight. I am trying to fight not being too underweight. Pa... "

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Geodon) helped me short-term with anxiety and rumination,...
" seemed to peter out and so doesn't seem like a long-term solution, at least for me. Haven't really tried out thigs specifically addressing anxiety other than SSRIs, which haven't really helped.... "

Geodon for my anxiety and it worked SOOOOO well and did...
" ...for my anxiety and it worked SOOOOO well and... "

It actually helped my anxiety at higher doses, until...
" ...of weight gain, I'm cutting back on it; only now that I'm cutting back on it am I getting anxiety attacks. It actually... "

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