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Genital Warts

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(Anogenital warts)
Genital warts (or Condylomata acuminata, venereal warts, anal warts and anogenital warts) is a highly contagio...
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Common Genital Warts treatments discussed around the web
Gardasil 1,210 Aldara 1,034 Imiquimod 142
38,024 conversations around the web about Genital Warts to help you make a decision
38,024 conversations around the web about Genital Warts to help you make a decision
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Genital Warts & Aloe Vera

We found 25 discussions
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" ...not herpes, aldara is prescribed for genital warts. but i think i ...warts so bad the have turned into ulcers. thanks for youre reply though. i was thinking of aloe vera i have a pl... "

" i had around a week of severe itching, a few weeks before my genital warts started to arrive. maybe it is moisture that aggravates, ...SO good, temporarily), i put aloe vera gel on it every couple... "

" ...the cause of Genital Warts, both male and ...has created an all-natural, Aloe Vera-based supplement called Beta-man nan?. ...1996, Beta-man nan?; has safely eliminated HPV-related illnesses i... "

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" ...pregnant and have just had another outbreak of genital warts. I seem to have outbreaks ...I'm about to get my period. So now that ...medication/treatment do u recommed? Aloe Vera Gel seems ... "

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" the Vitamin E and Aloe Vera baby oil I use while ...Looks like I have fucking genital warts or some shit (ok maybe ...remedy to this? The baby oil works GREAT as a lubricant. So... "

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" ...time for genital warts (not actual virus) to disappear? From first detection of genital warts as a result of ...virus)? I am applying Aldara, and I was curious ...olive skin oil, aloe vera? ... "

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" ...and more good news,i bought some natural liquid vitamin e for my genital warts a month ago or two,and it was 22 euros ...the lemon juice,but not with aloe vera...that is the plan what they... "

" ...? are promoted for the treatment of genital warts, there is ...approaches are effective. Aloe Vera ... "

" ...I was surprised that it could still be caught due to skin to skin contact. Thank goodness my doctor only saw that one & it was external, she was going to have me get it lasered off but wanted to tr... "

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" ...genital warts and was devastated. The nurse wasnt much help and terrified me with warnings of carrying the virus for life and infecting future partners. I've been searching the internet for days no... "

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