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Weight Gain

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(Weight increased)
Weight gain is an increase in body weight. This can be either an increase in muscle mass, Fat deposition, or excess fluids such as wat... Read more on Wikipedia

Medications for Weight Gain

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February 9, 2015
VHPE wrote
I was put on Qlaira April last year after trying two different pills, as I have heavy bleeding and terrible pains. I was told it will take my periods away, which it has not and I have gained 10kg's since being on it and my pains are still no different, should I change pills?
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By J
February 5, 2015
J wrote
Weight gain instantly
I've been on montessa for a week and already gained 10 pounds :( I do not want to continue to see how much more I will gain. I stopped this pill instantly
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By moreault
January 24, 2015
moreault wrote
Somavert Weight gain I have been on Somavert for over a year after being treated with sandostatin &
somatuline. Side effect, fatigue and diereah especialy were incapacitating. Somavert was my last possibility but it came with belly weight gain as I had been warned by my endocrinologist. Therefore I was somewhat surprised with the low percentage of users exeriencing this side effect. I am seriously looking for a solution this gaining must come to an end. In 80 years, I never came close to sporting such a belly. It's harder for the legs and I believe one gets tired faster. I think I have a balanced diet, already cut down on fats and now on carbos...am looking for an effective diet!
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By Alyssa C.
January 4, 2015
Alyssa C. wrote
Weight Gain
I wanted to get on birth control because I was starting to become more sexually active. I've always been an extremely happy person, and very small. Ive been on this pill for two years and have gained 40 pounds. I am 5'1 and have always had a very good small build. This birth control made me feel like it was impossible to lose any of the weight i gained. I was eating healthy and working out, but nothing changed. When i went to my lady doctor to talk to her about it she told me that "Birth control pills do not make people gain weight.." after hearing this i thought to myself that there is NO WAY that this happened all on me. I felt vert crummy about it. Although I have not had one pregnancy scare, it makes my period lighter, and i have no ance. It does its job yes, but you will gain weight.
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By carrots
November 23, 2014
carrots wrote
Levlen weight gain
i've been on levlen for about 4 weeks. i'd been actively trying to lose weight before i started on it, and progress was slow. my weight was fluctuating even when i was consuming 1/3 of my recommended daily intake per day. i started getting fatigued and running out of energy even from sitting on the couch all day. i realised this and stopped eating dangerously low amounts and started eating healthy amounts of food. now every day for breakfast i have 2 weet bix with 1/2 cup of soy milk, 1 iron tablet, 2 fish oil tablets, a few teaspoons of psyllium husks and some protein powder. i've now managed to reach my goal weight while on levlen ^_^
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By wolflady
November 12, 2014
wolflady wrote
I started on 5mg for week one and now have started 10mg. The first week I didnt have terrible side effects, mostly just upset stomach that is manageable and a bit of a headache that and getting off my other meds made me a little wonky (so to say)
This week I feel good, I have energy ( never have that) Im not in tears or in that severe dark mood. I would say so far this is the trick for me. I have tried so many, and when my doctor said he was excited about this new drug I jumped on the chance. lucky he gave me a month sample to see how I do. Im at the end of believing anything, including therapy will help, so if this does I will be so much happier. It will replace 2 meds for me. I am worried on the cost and what my insurance will do, and pray no weight gain...but as I feel more energy, I hope to exersize more so it may be a win win. No itching- thanfully!
Hi I also started 5 mg three weeks ago and titrated up to 10 msg x three days now. Wow!! I felt better after one week of the 5 mg -energetic and less anxiety attacks. Have tried everything under the sun in the past 20 years and NEVER felt this good! Maybe a little bit hyper, but I will take that over lethargy and sadness and panic any time!??am very excited now for the future.
January 30, 2015
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By ToniCinMI
October 16, 2014
ToniCinMI wrote
R.A. Patient
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 17 years ago. It has truly been a roller-coaster ride since then.
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By want to know
October 14, 2014
want to know wrote
weight gain
I did not know about the side effect of weight gain or inability to lose weight while on Vagifem. I started using it while we were out of town on vacation. I did not watch what I was eating because I thought that I could take care of the weight gain when we got back. Needless to say, I gained about 6 pounds and I can't get it to go away. I stepped up my exercising and went back to keeping track of my food (Weight Watchers). No change. I am not gaining, but I am not losing either. Would it work it I went off the treatment, lost my weight and then went back on Vagifem? Has anyone tried this?
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By Chelseyc0322
October 12, 2014
Chelseyc0322 wrote
Gained SOOO much weight
I began taking Brevicon last year when I met my now fiancé. Since then, I've gained 60 pounds. Ive never been this big in my life. I recently have been switched to a different pill, but have made the choice to stop all together with birth control so that I can lose weight. My diet has not changed and I go to the gym regularly. Still saw DRASTIC weight gain with good diet or exercise. Hopefully I see a change soon
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By Bill
September 7, 2014
Bill wrote
metoprolol suc
Cardiologist prescribed 25 mg. I looked it up and decided not to take it. I have had 2 heart attacks and then finally a triple bypass 9 years ago. I went off all medications after the operation and only take a baby asperin.Sometimes I have high blood pressure and I take a pill only then, but not regularly. The name is Irbesartan. My experiance after14 years is most medicines are bad for you. They slow down your metabulism, you gain weight and become fat. Your tired all the time etc. Pills are every americans quick fix. Eat healthy and exercise and get off all medications that affect your weight and slow you down to inactivity. Over 55 men look into testerone treatment. It's the fountain of youth. Lots of energy where you want to exercise and paint the house. You burn fat.
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By Shorty09
September 3, 2014
Shorty09 wrote
Sprintec for Acne and PMS
My doctor put me on Sprintec the first time I went on BC, to say the least I was so disappointed. The reason I was interested in BC was for my severe cramps and terrible bleeding since 7th grade, we're talking 1 super tampon holding for maybe an hour on the first day of my cycle. I also had acne that I couldn't get rid of, even with my antibiotic topical, so we decided BC would be the next step.
Sprintec didn't help me at all, the only pro was my periods were on time, but that's it. In fact I ended up gaining 15 pounds in the first 3 months I was on it and I became slightly depressed. I'm a pretty happy person and I'm very active and I eat very clean, however this pill made my life hell. So over spring break I went off of it and my period actually got lighter and I actually lost 5 pounds the first week off. Overall I don't recommend Sprintec if you're worried about gaining weight. I know a few other people who are having the same weight gain issues, who before going on it couldn't gain weight even if they tried, definitely do your research and talk to your doctor before going on this.
I started taking it last week. I didn't notice anything the first week but this week I've already gained 4lbs...I don't mean to sound shallow but I've always concentrated on keeping my weight steady and even lower. However, I started taking a medication called Propranolol (for headaches) the same day. I'm going to see my doctor on Monday about it. I'm thinking and hoping that it's the birth control medication but who knows??? All these different meds can cause side effects for one person b
December 13, 2014
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By florentine
September 2, 2014
florentine wrote
primolut n for delaying my periods and water retention?
hi i would like to know if taking primolut n for delaying periods cause weight gain or edema due to fluid retention? im getting married on 3rd dec and i get my periods usually on 3rd. will taking primolut n make me look edematous? cause i habe a moderate level of PMS ever month.. if anyone has any info about the same n tried it please let me know !!! ill be thankfull.
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By kelly
August 26, 2014
kelly wrote
I've put on 80 pounds and have had chest pains since taking seroquel. My doctor just took me off it cold turkey. I've tried every sleep aid on the shelf and i was wide awake for 3 days straight. Now i'm taking Valium the ER gave me months ago just to sleep but i've had a real bad headache for days.The chest pains stopped though. My Doctor isn't listening to me. I need to sleep but i also need this weight off can anyone suggest something to help me sleep.
ask him to try trazadone
milton  |  February 19, 2015
I been on serquel for two years and came down with sore tongue burning mouth syndrome please help!!!
sam  |  February 13, 2015
Change Doctor please: he's not controlling anything or taking care of you.
J  |  February 8, 2015
Comment on this post
By Annie J
August 17, 2014
Annie J wrote
Abilify was very effective for my depression; however, the increase in hunger was dramatic for me. I went from a petite person with a bird-like appetite - to someone who wanted the 5 pancake grand slam at Denny's, and then wanted to follow up with another 5 pancake grand slam order for desert. Constant feelings of strong, unsatisfied hunger.
If you can handle the hunger factor, the drug worked extremely well with no other side effects. But I gained 30 pounds (and was still gaining) while on this med with an anti-anxiety med. The large weight gain was becoming its own psychological issue and also a health one. Be informed - it may be a great medication for you, or you may be someone who gets the significant weight gain side effect. If you are in early stages of crisis (hospitalization for me), etc. and the Doctor orders it, by all means take it for the short run. If you find the drug with little to no side effects for you, I did find it very helpful in elevating my mood.
Comment on this post
By noa
August 7, 2014
noa wrote
cocoa butter cream and weight gain
yeah I gain weight after using cocoa butter cream. to be sure of it, i switched cream five different times and anytime i switch back to cocoa butter I start to gain weight again.
Comment on this post
By Del
August 1, 2014
Del wrote
Weight gain
I found out I was lactose introlence and reactine has lactose in it and that's why I was always bloated.
Comment on this post
By cks
July 21, 2014
cks wrote
Birth Control and Weight Gain
I have been taking Viorele birth control since May 15, 2014 and gained about 7 pounds of weight. Not sure if it is water or fat or a combination of both. I have always been very fit and eat very clean. My typical breakfast is an egg white scramble with quinoa and I eat very little. For lunch I have white meat chicken and vegetables and for dinner usually fish (talapia) and some kind of salad. I also work out about 4 times a week. Since I have taken Viorele, I can't seem to control my weight. I watch in horror is my weight increases about 2 pounds per month. I am thinking of getting OFF of the Viorele. I am NOT taking it for birth control, but rather taking it for severe mood swings and heart palpatations during the week prior to my period. I am going to try and get off of the Viorele because I don't like that i have gained weight while on it.
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By Beenroundtheblock
June 26, 2014
Beenroundtheblock wrote
Mirtazapine and Weight Gain
Ive been on the "california rocket fuel Combo" 375mg effexor and 30 mg of Mirtapazine for the past year and a half. Its the best combo for mood but has been absolutly terrible for weight gain. In that time Ive developed a binge eating disorder and gained 30kgs (66 pounds) its been terrible and im now over 40 bmi. My Pdoc mentioned a diff drug which is chemically similar to Mirtazapine called Mianserin. There both available in Australia thankfully but mianserin is meant to not be an appetite stimulant and weight gain is meant to be rare. Im going to start this drug in a few days. Will let you all know how I go.
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By Lily
June 24, 2014
Lily wrote
loss of vision
The worst side effect I have had of sprintec is loss of vision. I did not know what they meant when they asked me if I had loss of vision, so I said no. But I did feel that my eyes were blurrier. I got new contacts and glasses about a year into it, and then a year later my prescription changed again. Only then did I 100% realize that the sprintec was making me lose vision. (I had thought it meant blacking out).
It's happened to me too.
Karen  |  February 9, 2015
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By Teresa
June 10, 2014
Teresa wrote
breast cancer
2009 found a lump in left breast and it was cancer, told it was early and had a lumpectomy. AT the same time I was having pain in my back and complained and the doctors would not listen. Finally my onc had me tested and found that my early cancer spread to my bones. I have been doing ok but recently found another spot on my hip and had more radiation. When they found the cancer in the bone they also found cancer in the uterus and most recently has thyroid cancer. My lymph nodes were in larged and now I am on afinitor. Now my weight is going up and I am freaking out. I had weight loss surgery 10 years ago and been stable with about 5. I don't know what to do......stop eating? help
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By Rebecca
June 1, 2014
Rebecca wrote
Hydroxyzine Weight Gain/Bloat/Constipation. Gah!
I was prescribed 25mg of Hydroxyzine "as needed" for itching. Originally it was 4 times a day but taking just one will throw me for a loop and I told them to change the written dosage. I have eczema and sometimes the flare up is very bad (bleeding, flaking, peeling, along with the horrible itching) so the only time I take it is when I have a flare up and it gets so bad I can't sleep. But this stuff, #1 - if I take it more than 3 days in a row (just one pill at night, mind you) I will get constipation *bad*. I have also wound up gaining weight during the time I had to take it regularly and haven't been able to lose the weight yet- all in my stomach - like "bloat". It's not worth it anymore. I would rather be up all night itching than walk around feeling like I'm about to die from the constipation and not fit my pants because of this bloat. The only relief I've been able to get is spraying some pure witch hazel on the effected areas - and "Lanacane" - I've tried all other OTCs and Lanacane was the only one to work for me. The ointment/creams - I must warn all of you - a small percentage of people with eczema wind up with allergies to a chemical called propylene glycol. Check the labels of anything before you buy it. The ointment the doctor gave me had PG in it - and I broke in both massive welts and a bright red rash at the same time - in places where I didn't even apply the ointment. I wound up having to take TWO hydroxyine to counter it (on advice of the phone's advice nurse) and if it hadn't worked - I would've had to go to the ER. So be careful - if you get a very bad reaction to any ointment and cream, see if PG is the culprit.
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By 1901Donna
May 10, 2014
1901Donna wrote
Burst appendix and weight gain
I waited 5 days after my appendix burst to go into emergency. Needless to say, I almost died. They could not find any trace of my appendix so they did not operate. They said that I was toxic head to toe. After my hospital stay I began to gain weight at an alarming rate. The only time in my life that I had gained weight was when I was pregnant. I thought maybe I needed more exercise. We went on vacation and went hiking everyday. By the end of our 2 week vacation I had gained another pant size! In less than 6 months I went from size 5 to size 20. I gained 80 pounds and I never changed my diet! I asked my surgeon why I was gaining weight and he said that my body was in "emergency" mode because of being toxic. He explained that my body was still toxic so it was extracting every bit of fat from everything I ate and storing it in case of emergency. I do not eat that much(I never have). I also have fibromyalgia,and plantar fasciitus, which makes exercising painful. And last Friday I completely blew out my knee...so, I Have to lose weight--But HOW?? And where do I start? Help! P.S. I need to lose 80 lbs
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By Tara
February 8, 2014
Tara wrote
I've been takeing this med off and on for years and I've last lose weight every time I wish it would make me gain same bc I'm under weight I'm 5.5 don't even hit 100 pounds .but u all need to keep in mind meds work diff on everyone like with me even if it say I can gain weight I lose weight I'm on 11 pills and they all say weight gain
Comment on this post
By murph
January 29, 2014
murph wrote
meloxicam and weight gain
I have been on the atkins diet for 5 months and lost 53 pounds, I fell and hurt my hip the dr gave me meloxicam 15 mg I been taking them 7 days and gained 5 pounds.
Since taking it, I have an increase in indigestion also.
sandra  |  February 15, 2015
I have gained 5 lbs since taking meloxicam....coming off of it to see if it makes a difference; I am taking for arthritis
sandra  |  February 15, 2015
Hurt my shoulder at work loading suitcases onto airplanes... I gained 5 pounds in two weeks but haven't been taking my pills this week and still gained another two. It must be 'cuz I'm not working.
AJ  |  February 11, 2015
Same here. I was on a diet, and hurt my hip. I was put on mobic 2 times daily. Got on the scales this morning, and after only 2 days, gained 3 pounds. And I'm tired too. I've been on Mobic before. My pain is all but gone, though.
Rhonlynn  |  November 7, 2014
perhaps the 5 pound weight gain from your damaged hip caused the problem because you could not get around well enough to burn the excess calorie intake from the injury.
justin  |  October 27, 2014
Comment on this post
By Michael
December 12, 2013
Michael wrote
I used Alvesco for 5 years
I used Alvesco for 5 years,once a day for asthma,with great succes.
When I dicovered I had a dairy allergy I cut dairy out of my diet and my asthma went away,so I stoped useing Alvesco.
I do very physical work,and I have had a lot of joint pain in the last year especially in the winter, this started about 9 months after dicontinueing Alvesco.
My question is has any one found they have joint pain relief from use of Alvesco, particularly shoulder pain. Thanks
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By May
November 29, 2013
May wrote
weight gain
I have been taking tri-previfem for almost 4 months now and considering it is my first experience with birth control, I don't have much to say. It did increase my appetite and I have put on at LEAST 20 pounds since I started. I am a skinny girl, but my cravings have become VERY severe and hard to attain. My breasts grew at least one cup size though, so I am not complaining!! I have acne and have not seen a difference since I started the pill. I do get dizzy at times, but it helps regulate my mood, as I have severe clinical depression. Biggest concern is the weight gain. Regardless of what they tell you, it WILL effect you!!!
Comment on this post
By Cynthia
Cynthia wrote
Weight gain
I'm taking nortriptyline with gralise, tramadol ER, oxycodone for central pain syndrome. I'm suddenly gaining weight after three years of this and the meds aren't controlling pain anymore. I want to STOP nortriptyline but don't know how should I take it every other day for awhile to wean myself off? Doctor wants me to stay on but I won't because I have a sudden uncontrollable URGE and COMPULSION for carbs! It's unreal, never been like this. I'm only 4'10" I can't gain weight like this I can't stand this drug! Why can't drug makers help make these drugs without making us fat to add to our pain and suffering!!
Comment on this post
By Jackie
October 12, 2013
Jackie wrote
Depressed with the Lymphedema
Comment on this post
By hina
September 15, 2013
hina wrote
side effects of vacyclovir
Comment on this post
By NVanegas
September 10, 2013
NVanegas wrote
Comment on this post
By Rach
September 9, 2013
Rach wrote
Levlen weight gain!
Comment on this post
By ponygirl7
August 16, 2013
ponygirl7 wrote
Meloxicam and Weight Gain
Comment on this post
By Brysmomma
August 7, 2013
Brysmomma wrote
My "so called addiction"
Comment on this post
By Shazza
July 31, 2013
Shazza wrote
Endep 100mg & do people gain weight while on Endep.
My doctor advised that gaining weight is quite normal, apparently happy people eat more, strange I always was depressed that's why I ate more - strange little cycle - Now I have to take an appetite inhibitor...... go figure.
Gia  |  November 1, 2013
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