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(Gastric atony)
Gastroparesis, also called delayed gastric emptying, is a medical condition consisting of a paresis (partial paralysis) of the s...
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Common Gastroparesis treatments discussed around the web
Reglan 1,490 Domperidone 948 Erythromycin 288
20,719 conversations around the web about Gastroparesis to help you make a decision
20,719 conversations around the web about Gastroparesis to help you make a decision
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Gastroparesis & Suicide

0.07% of the posts that mention Gastroparesis also mention Suicide (15 posts)
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We found 15 discussions
" ...already have. Maybe not bring on new pain tho. I have a disorder called gastroparesis (stomach) as well as ...a friend to suicide 4 months ago. As I journey through my grief my physical pain is ... "

" do here. -Got diagnosed with gastroparesis (nausea, vomiting, fullness after eating due to the gastroparesis -ugly face. -never had ...does not go well suicide is best optio... "

" ...actually taking Zelnorm for my gastroparesis when it was pulled, because ...put on SSRIs because of suicides (because for some people with ...untreated depression, and possibly more suicides ... "

" ...minor issues of teeth damage, gastroparesis, terrible skin... However mentally, and ...I'm deeply ashamed of having made suicide attempts (gestures? who knows) because... "

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" butt because I have gastroparesis which already causes daily nausea ...and he has put me back on valium at night and ...of the events surrounding her suicide come flooding back like it was... "

" ...switched me to domperadone. Miracle drug. It is not yet approved here in the US. But, it is definetly better than the Reglan. All my research I have done on Reglan is bad. I dont know why it i... "

" Believe me, I know how Gastroparesis can seem like one of so sick that I am sick to my stomach for 5 days straight. ...there are times I have considered suicide. Going through that is not... "

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" way up, but my gastroparesis triggered me to purge even ...exercise, but that triggered my PTSD even more (some of ...while I carry on slowly killing myself. I just don't see how... "

" thinking of killing myself. Really it gets ...nerve damage (from gastroparesis), my stomach never ...Tums and Maalox... I have to take like 20 times the normal dosage just for relief fo... "

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" ...know what specific type of gastroparesis I have. I haven't even gotten to see actual gastroparesis doctors. I see one in ...Hill my body. That I'm killing myself just to get attention. I... "

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