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Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, and has many possible causes. The main acute causes are excessive Alcoholic...
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Common Gastritis treatments discussed around the web
Nexium 1,876 Prilosec 1,602 Omeprazole 1,398
42,999 conversations around the web about Gastritis to help you make a decision
42,999 conversations around the web about Gastritis to help you make a decision
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Gastritis & Lightheaded

0.33% of the posts that mention Gastritis also mention Lightheaded (142 posts)
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We found 142 discussions
" ...Thought this was all from gastritis. Now I'm getting spasms in I tend to get lightheaded and exhausted too. Right now ...point that I just take Xanax for EVERYTHING. My standard... "

" Vomiting, GERD, gastritis. Taken Nordette. Is it safe? ...6:40PM) and I only felt light headed hours after taking it (assuming ...who currently has GERD and gastritis? Please kindly help me... T... "

" ...years i been feeling tired, light headed, nauseas, with headaches that come ...i eat greasy food. I was told it was gastritis then a small ulcer , ...point that i get anxioius and panic get s... "

" ...H.C.M.Forum. You had pain in the ...back, dizzy, light headed, stabing pain bread. I admit that it is gastritis, which is bother... "

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" ...was on Nexium for two years with no trouble. Then my doctor said I needed to stop taking it and try some OTC meds due to new Nexium studies. None of which have worked. My doctor says it's gastritis... "

" ...then that could cause continued light headedness. Basically any change to the ...can cause headaches/ dizziness/ or light headedness. It should pass in a careful that your gastritis doe... "

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" ...a few hours, sometimes lightheadedness. It's always amazing to ...colonoscopy about 1 1/2 years ago, and all tests are negative, except mild chronic inactive gastritis, tortuous colon and a cou... "

" ...threat? I do feel a bit light headed when they happen play in the lightheadedness. Does the fact ...nature? As for Gastritis, i was diagnosed with it as a child and once again 3 years ... "

" ...always chalk this up to anxiety. I also get wozzyer, light headed ...... strong heart beats (like you just ran a ...other GI issues like gallbladder, gastritis etc ...... Anyway ... if... "

" ...teach what he knows)[This guy will never tell you how he relieves stress or if he manifest it in headache, insomnia, gastritis, lightheadedness, mild depresson, etc... 3)Ignorance is bliss.... "

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