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Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, and has many possible causes. The main acute causes are excessive Alcoholic...
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Common Gastritis treatments discussed around the web
Nexium 1,874 Prilosec 1,600 Omeprazole 1,388
42,950 conversations around the web about Gastritis to help you make a decision
42,950 conversations around the web about Gastritis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Gastritis

Gastritis & Grape

We found 16 discussions
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" ...I mean I have inflammation everywhere else, why not my stomach lining. I've got another doctor appointment in 3 weeks, I'll have him test me for an ulcer when I go. In the meantime I was thinking... "

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" ...see how celiac disease and gastritis would go together. I've had ...could adopt the diet for gastritis and see if that helps ...three days in a row, grape jelly, and some other things.... "

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" ...home I started to feel v.nauseous, then spent the rest ...I think these sort of gastritis attacks are caused by the ...the flavonoids I take are red grape based. You just never know... "

" ...about the size of a grape-- my doc said it was ...ovulate more frequently too. I've been having stomach problems for about 10 months is exactly (H Pylori? Gastritis? Gallbladder?), I ... "

" ...November and have been taken methetrexate (20 mg weekly) and ...a the skin of a grape stuck on one side of endoscopy done which showed gastritis--but I've had gastric reflux for... "

" ...(Suprep- supposedly tastes like grape soda but does not...yuck). accurate. They confirmed GERD, gastritis and esophagitis, so I have to continue taking Omeprazole (ER),. Re. the other... "

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" ...determined that I have gastritis and a hiatal hernia. ...tried licorice, aloe vera, grape food seed extract. Everything. bills and I am getting extremely frustrated because nothing ... "

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" ...gladiator, glamour, glare, glass, glaucoma, grape, granite, granular, graphology, grapple, goshawk, ...gauche, gamma ray, garter, gas, gastritis, gastropod, gallstone, gamble, gene, gibbon,... "

" ...and hence elemental approach), h pylori/gastritis(to be treated with antibiotics) and my elemental diet: Honey Grape Syrup Rice Syrup solids Dried... "

" ...anorexia is linked to your stomach problems. The lining of your also refferred to as gastritis. You have to eat foods ...acid juices such as apple, grape, and pear. No Caffeine at... "

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