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(Gasping for breath)
77,389 conversations around the web about Gasping to help you make a decision
77,389 conversations around the web about Gasping to help you make a decision
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Gasping & Tourette's Disorder

0.06% of the posts that mention Tourette's Disorder also mention Gasping (26 posts)
Tourette's Disorder
We found 26 discussions
Post from
" Georges Albert Edouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette? Tourettes syndrome? A tic disorder? Gasping and grunting in speech causing misunderstanding of the victim's meaning? Something to do... "

" ...sexual manner? Eek, I must have a sick mind... Gasping my arse, she looks like she's got an unfortunate case of severe tourettes. As if you don't know... "

Post from
" ...Bi-Polar, my son has developed a motor tic of \"gasping\" since he was placed on Adderal. I have learned know) to have motor tics , some ...that it is probably Tourette 's Syndrome. Eit... "

" ...And she's like... gasping... like you do when you have sex?? I wouldn't know... Gasping my arse, she of severe tourettes. As if you... "

" ...that will lead to a Tourettes diagnosis (they don't officially diagnose ...previous poster, she has many tics but no vocalizations ...Eye blinking, hair tossing, and hiccups/gasping for air. ... "

" I have a hard time breathing. It is like I breathe I m almost gasping for breath but I still ...a yawn out? *If this help any I have Tourettes Syndrome and yawning is a tic of mine but tha... "

" ...field day with THAT interpretation!! Gasping my arse, she looks like unfortunate case of severe tourettes. As if you don't know... "

" I think I have Tourettes because Sometimes for no reason ...and up and down, quietly gasping, and suck air through my ...don't know if this is Tourettes or OCD but I do... "

" ...related to my Tourette's Syndrome or OCD, but ...I cannot for the life of me figure out the muscle contractions necessary to swallow. I will sit there gaging, trying, gasping, and whatever else.... "

Post from
" ...? I took it to mean that she was afraid to use any discipline on him (for something he had done wrong) for fear it would make his tics worse. ...child with Tourettes and even if he is gasping a... "

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